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Linux Install System Studio 2016 libstdc++.so.6 present but not detected

$ sudo ./install.sh -v
Package id: l_pset_p_2.5.0.318, built Nov  5 2015 19:14:37

Installation fails with:

Missing critical prerequisite
-- libstdc++.so.6 library not found

However I have those libs:

MAC OSX Removing SSH dropdown entries

Under the Analysis Target tab (for a Launch Application process) the SSH field will auto-populate with entries that you have used in the past.

I want to remove these entries.

Where are these values being stored on on an OSX installation so I can remove the entries or file?

Image of the SSH dropdown is attached.

Unable to install due to license problem

Can someone from Intel licensing please contact me? When I originally got access to Parallel Studio XE 2016 for Linux, I was able to download it and got a license key file. It installed and is working OK on the first machine I installed it on. When I tried to install it on a second machine, it said the license file wasn't valid. I found through the Intel website that I need to request another license key for the other system since it appears to be locked to a NIC (which is odd since I didn't provide that information to get the first license key).

I/O slower in Intel Fortran 2016


I have updated the Intel Fortran from 2013 SP1 to 2016 recently and found the I/O speed of 2016 is very slower than 2013. To read a bigger txt file( 3.67G), the program compiled with Intel Fortran 2013 costs about 2 minutes and the one compiled with Intel Fortran 2016 costs about 4 minutes. I have used the same codes and same compiler options. The following are the compiler options:

Link Not Searching Lib

My build looks like:


G:\Desktop\Pearson>rem Build script for Pearson
G:\Desktop\Pearson>deftofd resource.h resource.fd
G:\Desktop\Pearson>rc Pearson.rc
Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Compiler Version 6.3.9600.17298
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Hot spots

Hi There,

I am using Vtune Amplifier to find hotspots in my F90 code, in Visual Studio 2005 and Windows 7 environments.  The top 4 hot spots are 





These functions/subroutines are definitely not in my code. My questions are

1)Why they are listed there when I can do nothing to improve my code (or I am wrong, see Q3 below)?

2)How can I find out where (in my code) they are called?

OpenMP bug when combining IF and DEPEND clauses in a TASK construct


I believe the following code produces an incorrect result:

program main
!$ use omp_lib
  integer a,i
  !$omp parallel
  !$omp master
  do i=1,10
  !$omp task firstprivate(i) if(i>5) depend(inout:a)
    write(*,*) '--->',i
  !$omp end task
  !$omp end master
  !$omp end parallel 
end program

What happens is the undeferred tasks (those for which the IF clause evaluates to false) are not executed at all, i.e., the code prints:

Associate construct ICE


Before deploying the latest version of the compiler (XE 2016), I was trying to compile some existing code and I got an ICE in every routine that uses the associate construct. The construct is used to associate a local variable to a derived type that is allocated through the malloc function. Wou will find attached a simple Visual Fortran project that compiles and runs fine with the compiler version we are currently using (Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE [IA-32]) but generates an ICE with version 16.0 as shown below:

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