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Convert IJL methods to IPP methods


Has anyone been through the process of converting C or C++ code which performed JPEG compression and decompression using IJL to using IPP? In particular, we create buffers of data to be compressed and decompressed since we have proprietary file formats. Below is a section of the code which compress a buffer. Note, this is a method in a class and some of the data is set in the class constructor.

Intel® Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT MFT_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER_NO_SAMPLE


I'm having problems running Intel® Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT. The setup, ProcessInput and ProcessOutput are all returning S_OK but the sample from ProcessOutput is NULL and the status is MFT_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER_NO_SAMPLE. Any idea what could be wrong?

This is the output:

Intel® Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT
Start encoding
ProcessInput frame 1
ProcessInput frame 2
ProcessInput frame 3
ProcessInput frame 4


Write to same stdout as application from DLL/SO. Fortran 90 standard.

Please bear with me as my knowledge of programming is not very good.

My application written in Fortran via a C function calls and loads up a DLL/SO. Currently the source for the DLL/SO can be C or Fortran. When I write to stdout from the DLL/SO it does not write to the same stdout as my application. Going through the forums I understood that these possible solutions can be used.

1) Use the same run time libraries for both my application and the DLL/SO.

2) Use PROCEDURES with POINTERS (not supported in Fortran90)

Lines with breakpoints set do not show up in printed output

This is probably a Visual Studio problem, but I'm hoping someone here knows something that might help.

Whenever I print source files (or at least selected lines) from Visual Studio (2010) I do not see the lines where I have set breakpoints.  They are just blank lines on the pages.  Same thing on multiple printers.

I thought maybe it had something to do with the "Fonts and Colors" settings in Options, but I don't see anything unusual there.

Documentation on dss_solve_real and dss_solve_complex

The documentation on dss_solve_real and dss_solve_complex functions reads:

The lengths of the right-hand side and solution vectors, nCols and nRows respectively, must be defined in a previous call to dss_define_structure.

I understand that the parameters nCols and nRows should be equal, but for the sake of correctness of the description they should be swapped.

Problem setting environment variables


I have recently installed Intel Integrated Performance Primitive. But I am unable to set the environment variables by running the ippvars.bat script file. I followed the instructions at this link: https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/503898. The problem is with MySQL that I have installed on my PC. whenever I try to run this code in the command prompt (as Administrator): 

Pass Allocatble Arrays to DLL Subroutine via Modules


I am trying to use a derived type structure in a dll subroutine using modules. Here is my main program:

Program Main
!dec$ attributes dllimport::_DERIVEDTYPECONSTRCT

   real a,b
   integer c


    allocate (MyArray(1))
    call DERIVEDTYPECONSTRCT (1,a,b,c)!
     deallocate (MyArray)

the module "Param" is defined as below:

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