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OpenMP and -heap-arrays not compatible since ifort 13?

Noticed that an application using OpenMP compiled with ifort 15.0.3 20150407 with the flag "-heap-arrays XXX" suffers a large performance degradation, increasing with the number of threads (on 1 thread is the same, on 8 threads it is 4 times slower, on 32 threads it is 16 times slower). This is not the case with ifort 12.1.3 20120212, the same option does not reduce the performance. Any idea why this change?


How to solve error #6633 in fixed format

Let me separate the problem to 2 parts.

Part I:

Such error occurs, when compiling the following code.

--------free format-----------

program ex0815
    implicit none
    call showinteger(a)
    call showreal(a)
    subroutine showinteger(num)
    implicit none
    subroutine showreal(num)
    implicit none


Aligned/Unaligned load instructions generated for SSE2/AVX

I am trying to understand how aligned code is generated and therefore I have created the following code snippet

subroutine add(A, B, C, N)
    implicit none

    integer,intent(in)                :: N
    real*8, intent(in),  dimension(N) :: A,B
    real*8, intent(out), dimension(N) :: C
    !dir$ assume_aligned A:32, B:32, C:32

    !dir$ vector aligned
    C = A+B
end subroutine add

which I am compiling with the following two commands:

ifort -align array32byte -S align.f90 -xavx


rc.exe file missing

Hello all

I've run into the error of "rc.exe not found" when compiling my Fortran code. I have Visual Studio Community 2015 installed, as well as the Intel Fortran Compiler 2016 edition. I have looked at previous threads regarding topic, and none have worked efor me. I am confident that my computer doesn't even have the rc.exe file. I have looked in the following folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\x64

Vtune multiple-run crashing


When I try to run Vtune via CLI and enable allow-multiple-runs, the execution crashes. Works fine on single runs.

command :

root@laptop:/opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe# /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2016.2.0.444464/bin64/amplxe-cl -collect memory-access -knob analyze-mem-objects=true -target-duration-type=veryshort -allow-multiple-runs -data-limit=501 -app-working-dir /home/rosh/Documents/openHEVC/build -- /home/rosh/Documents/openHEVC/build/hevc -i ../../ffmpeg_work/x265_encoded_vids/video.x265 -f 1 -p 1 -n

How do I insert student licence into Intel Vtune Amplifier XE ?


I have recently also registered as a researcher/student on the intel website, in order to get a student licence. I have now received the licence serial number (student licence for 1 yr I think)

I had already installed the evaluation (free trial) version of Intel Vtune from the intel website. During installation it asked for a key, but at that point, I did not have one. Now, how do I enter the new key I received ? I cannot see anywhere , where I can enter the key.

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