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Missing Student License file for Parallel Studio XE


I applied for a student copy of the Intel Parallel Studio XE software package.  I received the registration email but it only had the serial number.   I then installed the software via the Arch Linux package:


which takes care of everything but the license. I can't use the software without the license.  What should I do?

performance on latest release

Hi Guys,

    sorry not to go through all your posts ,  i also don't know whether other customers have submitted this requirement:

    1. performance data on INTEL GPU like 720p / D1 /CIF / 1080P decode / encode etc.

    2. performance data on INTEL CPU (core,xeon) like  720p / D1 /CIF / 1080P decode / encode etc.

   much appreciated that you could share upper performance data !!! really thanks!



MDK support other vendor‘s GPU

Hi Guys, 

   as mentioned in sdk doc, MDK support OS-insfrastructure D3D on Windows or VA API on Linux , does it mean MDK can also support different vendor's GPU like NVIDIA / AMD ,which can provide D3D API on windows and VA API on linux as usual.

  Or it only support INTEL related GPU as older MDK release mentioned?    

Thanks in advance!


Simple F90 syntax question , if you please


It's been a while since I posted.

I have this line:

write(13,153) ((( ALOG(WSratio(I,J,K))/ALOG(ZU/ZL), I=1,7), J=1,4), K = 3)

Upon compile, IVF v.14.x says this:

error #5082: Syntax error, found ')' when expecting one of: ,

It's almost acting as thought my parentheses are unbalanced, but I believe they are balanced.

I wonder what the real violation is here.

Any help is appreciated, as always.

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