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PDT in libraries


I've been experimenting with parameterized derived types and got a question regarding building libraries with MODULEs containing PDTs; is it possible to distribute (compiled) libraries containing PDT? I guess it's trivial for PDTs with parameters of LEN type, but what about for KIND type parameters? their values have to be known at compile-time, right?

ifort v15.0.2 could not pass fortran_2003_iee_test

Hi all,

I compiled this file with following commands:

ifort fortran_2003_ieee_test.F

And the error is:

fortran_2003_ieee_test.F(39): error #6503: This keyword is invalid for this intrinsic procedure reference.   [UNIT]
compilation aborted for fortran_2003_ieee_test.F (code 1)

Here's the code:

      PROGRAM fortran_2003_test         



Problems with using parallel_do

Hello. I've got next problem with using parallel_do: it even fails to compile if i pass std::bind result:

In file included from D:\Projects\MyProject\src\server.cpp:4:0:

D:/libs/tbb43_20150209/include/tbb/parallel_do.h: In instantiation of 'void tbb::parallel_do(Iterator, Iterator, const Body&) [with Iterator = long long unsigned int; Body = std::_Bind<void (*(std::_Placeholder<1>))(int&)>]':

Does Vtune(hardware event-based sample) supprot KVM based open-stack environment)?

Hi all,

According to the manual :

EBS(hardware event-based ) analysis within a virtual machine is supported only in VMware Fusion* 5 virtual environment.

Now we are using open-stack environment based on KVM. Does Vtune support hardware event-based sample in our lab?



File I/O Overhead at Intel Fortran 13 and Higher Versions


I encounter the I/O performance drop at Intel compiler version 13 and onwards. The MPI code operates a simple read from the mesh file in the following way:

           ((FOO,ISIZ=1,NS),IDIM=1,DL-1), &
           ((FOO,ISIZ=1,SL-1), &
           (DATA(ISIZ-SL+1,IDIM-DL+1),ISIZ=SL,SU), &
           (FOO,ISIZ=SU+1,NS), &
           IDIM=DL,DU), &

Apply Filter on Image Using "In Place"


I know that as a policy you removed all the "In Place" function in Intel IPP.
I'm talking about the Image Processing domain functions.

I was wondering though, what would happen if I send the pointer as destination and source?
Should the current function work? Which might fail?

I'm asking specifically on the Column / Row Filter.
Should it work?
Should other work?
Could you publish a list of functions which should perform correctly in this case?

Thank You.

Linking against acml

Hi there,

I am running into problems linking against acml 5.3.1 with ifort 14.0.1

while "gfortran -o TestACML TestACML.f90 -L /opt/acml5.3.1/gfortran64_int64/lib/" compiles without error,

"ifort -o TestACML TestACML.f90 -L/opt/acml5.3.1/ifort64_int64/lib/" produces:

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