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Validation team testing apps outside of Appup

Hi All,


Recently I got a rejection notice and one of the items was the Validation Team (Test Team) tried to double click on the main jar of my java app and expected it to launch and run. It runs fine in Appup is what they said but double clicking the jar in a folder launched but it did not work.

Issues in Getting code sign certificate

It has become a huge challenge with getting code sign certificate. I tried getting code sign certificate from Intel app developer dashboard link. But it never worked and always showed internal error message in Comodo web site. Inspite of sending lot of mails to Comodo and Intel could not get support and  certificate. Then I went and tried to purchase code sign certificate from GoDaddy (who is one of the authorised CA's).

Fausse manœuvre : Application validée renvoyée en validation | Misoperation : Validated application sent back to validation

Bonjour, Suite à une fausse manœuvre, il semblerait que j'ai soumis une seconde fois mon application pour validation alors qu'elle venait juste d'être validée. Pourriez-vous faire le nécessaire pour annuler cette demande de soumission et faire que mon application revienne à son status de "validée" svp ? (Si vous avez besoin du numéro/nom de mon application, je peux vous l'envoyer en PM) Cordialement, J.M. -- Hello, Due to a misoperation, it seems that I submitted my application a second time for validation when it was just being validated.

For Meta info change, do I have to submit the app for (Re)Validation

Hi, For an application which is already published, downloaded and bought; do I've to resubmit the app for (Re) validation if I want to make some superficial changes to meta info only? Say I want to change the price of my app (Already published through the validation process) then can I simply log-in, go to the app, make superficial changes (No change to MSI, only price to be updated) or do I've to get the app (Re)validated? Can I do the same(Simple change to the meta info) to all the published apps? Thanks in advance, Jayant Akolkar

Status changed from our company to Intel

Hi, In an unusual event the Employment status of one of our employees is shown as INTEL EMPLOYEE. The details are: Bio For Nilotpal Datta (INTEL EMPLOYEE) User Points 15809 Member for : 1 year 19 Weeks Badges: Brown Belt (DOWNGRADED FROM RED BELT TO RED BELT) The change of employment status from MCC E Solution to Intel is being seen only on Nilotpal's Dashboard, as of now. The change took place on 29th March 2012. Can anybody help? Thanks in Advance Jayant Akolkar

Validation rejected for not installing silently, but it does!

My app failed validation last week, and I have no idea why. The PDF I got back said that my application didn't install correctly, and showed a screenshot of an error message coming from the Intel AppUp application saying that the installation failed. They also said it failed because the button didn't change from download to launch.
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