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Security Certificate and validation issues.

I supplied a week ago some apps for validation and the only change was the Security certificate update and I mentioned the validation team that the security certificate was about to expire and I needed this to get approved. Due to some gui issues and one functional issue they rejected all but one app. The expiration date has now passed and I am hoping to resubmit this weekend but I am very concerned the Validation team is not reading the notes I send when I submit and the users will go another period of time without the updated security certificate. Regards.

Validation Screen resolution...

Hi, A week or two ago I saw some screenshots from the validation team that looked very strange and made me wonder what the screen resolution was they used. Does anyone know? In order to design the user interface as best as we can we need to know that. I made some major GUI changes because of thier screens which did not look standard at all. So for each device we need to know what the resolution they use. So for netbook and laptop what is the expected resolution? Also, is there plan to add ultrabook to the list of devices? Thanks, -Tony

Sucessfully validated app rejected a month later. App wasn't resubmitted, test results still say it passed

My app passed validation in November. Now, exactly a month later, I've received a message telling me it's been rejected. I didn't resubmit the app during that time, and when I click on the validation test results in the dashboard it still tells me the app has passed binary validation. I've sent an appeal to, but at this point I don't know if it was rejected in error, or if it there was a reason it was rejected a month after it passed validation and the test results just haven't been updated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Error while uploading webapp

HI, I tried to upload the web app, but it gives me the below error : Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,icon.png If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste). It doesnt look like my code uses this file. PLease help me asap.

Can't get certification because I live with my parents?

Hey forum members I'm 18 and just finished high school in Sydney, Australia. I decided to convert one of my HTML5 canvas-based games to work with the Intel AppUp platform, since this platform had the perfect target devices (netbooks). However, the validation required a certificate from a company called Comodo.
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