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Contact: missing South/Central Americas?

Dear friends I was about to try the contact page ( to ask about the status of my app (submitted for validation for third time last 27th August) but realized that there are only the following places in the 'Location' field: North America, West/East Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, APAC. Not sure how expressive (or not...), but maybe it could be a good idea to add the remaining of America continent (you known, Central and South) in the list? Or just have a simple tag with 'Americas'? Best regards Adenilson Cavalcanti a.k.a. Savago

Setting up a support forum in the developer program community is recommended?

My application is currently in the rejection state because I was using my Facebook account as a support URL, but that is not allowed. It says in the tip to do the following:Setting up a support forum in the developer program community is recommended. How do I do that? I do not have my own website? What do other small developers do? Thanks in advance. Mark

More fine work

I am unable to update screenshots or change versions. Six tries with different 820x480 jpgs and pngs. Nor is it is possible to update the version and load an MSI. I have tried versions of (which is what is in the app); 1.0.5; 1.2, 1.1, 2 SASSA is my 18th application. See I-MAGSTS Corporation entries

Component Validation is so long...

Hi, I have submitted a component named "EasyIADP Application Component", a component for developer to integrate SDK function easily at 2011/5/23. But it's validation still "in progress" over 2 months, when this component can complete the validation process? GUID: 0x3B95BDC5,0x0E0647A7,0xB809D04A,0xB0FA197C Thanks. PS: I have wrote mail to support team for this question at mid June, their response shown "7-10 business days", but it's over 2 monthes...

Simple querry on Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator beta Package Web/HTML5 app

I am trying to develop my application using Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator beta Package Web/HTML5. If i put this on intel appup, will it be validated as Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator beta Package Web/HTML5 is in Beta stage. I have made it for free distribution/demo of my actual application. thanks ryg

Signing and Validation...

Hi All, Are you all expecting a flood of validation requests for signed apps?? I stopped ongoing development to add my certificates to the single jar submitted last night to give you (and me) time to get them through. I am concerned with all the apps you need to check the July 18th date will be missed for quite a few people and not sure what Intel will do when that happens. Will the 18th date be extended or will Intel somehow shut off all the customers from using the apps from Appup (Got to be unlikely Intel would do that).

Frequency of updates...

What is the minimum time between updates that the validation team can handle? I am working on enhancements for my next update and I am thinking 1 month between updates. I do not want to burn out the validation team they have done a great job but on the other hand internet time being what it is 6 months seems way too long. Thoughts? Thanks, -Tony
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