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Application "WYNS" not available for Windows 7

Hi, "WYNS" application is submitted both for windows 7 and windows Xp . But why it is not available for windows 7? I have chosen "Entertainment" and "social networking" categories while submitting application. But present it is showing up in "Games" category in Intel appup site. Can you please quickly look into this once. Thanks in Advance, V. Suhaasinii

SEC01 failure - what are the rules?

Hello team, One of errors we have during validation is following: SEC01 - Virus scan: Fail * en-us - This application was blocked by Websense due to the filter being enabled in our Websense filter profile. Websense Scripted Test of individual IP address testing has detected blocked IPs. How can we get the details on what why the block has happened? Is there any way to reproduce the same check before submitting the app?

Problems with getting it my appup approved after I had others beta test it, and it worked really well on the store online

Hi I got beta testers to try out my game on the online store before I sent it to get validated. They told me it worked on there end, and ran really well with no problems How come I failed the validation? It says "ILU03 - Application launch: Application does not launch from the AppUp client. A description of the application’s behavior is listed below: The application does not launch successfully through the AppUp Client and the download button reappears." It shows all the others passed though. Man I dunno what to do please help me out.

Application fails to launch from Intel AppUp.

Hi, We have submitted an application for Moblin which got rejected with the following reason: The application does not launch from the AppUp client. But we cannot figure out why it can't be launched from the AppUp client, when it can be launched from the 'Others' folder successfully. Can you please let us know, if we are missing out something that makes the launch from AppUp not working? Regards, Kamath
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