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.desktop file Categories field

Sent this to the feedback email address as well, but posting for the benefit of other readers too: Earlier, my application was rejected because it did not have Categores field in the .desktop file. Now, it appears that all verticals don't work with Categories field, e.g. handset doesn't show it at all. My theory is that the current failure status is because of this: "A .desktop file is created for the application but it does not appear graphically. The user must launch the application through the terminal." Can you tell me how to proceed? Should I have the Categories field or not?

download meego runtime fail for many times,Gonna mad!

I started the terminal as an admin,then download the target and runtime follow this BUT,it failed when downloading the runtime,just because this curl: (18) transfer closed with 722003393 bytes remaining to read Download failed! I have tried it for many times,it happpened at %5,%12 and so on. And i dont use proxy,mine is DSL Somebody give me a hand!!!!! And mine is Meego SDK 1.2 preview for windows, my os is win7

AppUp client error codes

Failure report for my application complains that: "Application fails to install. If the user attempts to install the application through the AppUp client then a -8 error code message will be displayed. " Where can I see what these error codes mean?

Where should I install svg icon for the application?

Right now, I install an svg icon to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps. Is this the correct place? I'm trying to avoid the insanity of generating several png sizes of the same icon. My test results (for qmlreddit) state that: "A .desktop file is created for the application but it does not appear graphically. The user must launch the application through the terminal" and now I'm wondering whether wrong icon handling is causing this. In my qmlreddit.desktop I have: [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Version=1.0 Type=Application Terminal=false Name=QmlReddit Comment=Reddit Reader

Hardware configuration for Meego

I have downloaded the meego sdk and installed it in Windows 7 32 bit. My laptops configuration is Intel Pentium Dual Core processor T4200@2.00GHz and 3GB of RAM. When i try to run the emulator for tablet in qemu i doesnt load and stops with a black screen. I want to know if virtualiztion support is required to run meego or if it will run in my laptop.

NFC Technology using Nokia’s Qt SDK

If you have been thinking about enhancing your apps with NFC, now is the time to bring your vision to life. Developers can create applications that leverage NFC technology using APIs provided in Qt, Java ME, and Symbian C++. Of these options, using Qt is the recommended approach as it’s the core development framework for Symbian and is available for MeeGo powered devices as well. Nokia NFC APIs are now available to all developers in an open beta program.

Clarification in IntelAppUp SDK Integration

Hi All, I am a newbie in Meego.I am planning to submit one Meego Netbook application in the IntelAppup Store.I have done the following thing.Please clarify me if i am wrong. 1)I 've installed Meego SDK For Windows Preview and seetup all the congiguration like QEMU,device configuration etc. 2)Now i have registered my appplication name in the dashboard; then i got the GUId.'Though i have'nt submitted my RPM file.i just given basic application name only. 3)I have installed Intel App UP SDK for Meego. i have the following question.

Meego Database support

Hi All, I am planning to develop a small database(10 tables) project in Meego netbook for Intel AppUp using Qt creator in my windows developer enviornment. And i have microsoft Access database ready in my hand.Please clarify me the following concerns 1)Can i use the same access db in Meego also. 2)IF not what would be the possible alternative;please provide me some work arounds. 3)Is there any way i can incorporate the same Access db into xml format ; If yes can i use sql statement over that xml file? Please help me ; its urgent Thanking you all, Vshnu


This AppStore thingy seems to be pretty broken, I submitted a MeeGo app to the store. It was rejected, but it was my fault to skip the beta testing. Now I would like to test my app without success. 1. I failed to upload a new version of the application. After some days of sucks it turned out, that the problem is not in my browsers or operating systems, but the upload is buggy and it just fails to get a new file with the same name from a previous upload. Arghhh.

Meego tablet : mmoc.exe Command not found

I am trying to build meego tablet application, but with simple adding new QT Form I got this error on building application : make: mmoc.exe: Command not found make: *** [moc_homescreen.cpp] Error 127 The process "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" exited with code 2. Error while building project Test (target: MeeGo) When executing build step 'Make' Build is working with initial project creation, but by adding any class it gives me this error. What can be problem?
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