Intel AppUp® developer program Million Dollar Development Fund (Archived)

Methodology to simplify AppUp development to reach non-developers

Hello, The AppUp development innovation mentions the applications as bringing new ideas to the table. How about a methodology, when it applies to the software development in general and helps developers (or even non-developers) time-to-market through AppUp? Which channel would be proper to promote such a methodology? Br, Kalle Launiala CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy CEO/CTO of ProtonIT Oy

Minimal downloads needed??

Hi All, So I tried and submitted an app but was rejected based on downloads. I have not heard back yet on what the number of downloads or rate of downloads needed for acceptance of a submission. For different apps in different categories I would expect maybe different criteria regarding downloads. Also, if an app was just published it may not have seen a heavy download yet. So in that case what does Intel do? Wait a couple of months? I suspect it would be good to know this before one submits. Thanks, -Tony

Questions about the process...

Hi All, I am trying to understand the time between submission and final aproval/rejection of a funding request. I started the process several weeks ago and except for several emails about porting I have not heard anything. Is there a timeline the process tries to follow and is there a way to track process by a submitter? Does Intel send notification when they have reached a final decision? Thanks.


Hi all, I have a question.. Do I have to submiit a funding request in the accelerator progrsam before I submit the application or after? Does Intel provide funding before the applicacion is published or after? Thank you, Erica

Adding Toppings on an Open Source changing logo and submitting for the appup contest ?

Hi Dear Developers, Whats your view on this. Recently i saw one of the app , which has been submitted for the Contest. Its build on top of the open source ? They download an working open source code, made few changes, logos ;) names ;) adding the toppings and submitted for the competition. Is it fair to do it ? Whats your views. If that's acceptable. Then we can submit more apps ;) by downloading an open source code, making changes and releasing it for appup.
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