Intel AppUp® Developer Challenge (Archived)

Deadline to enter the Intel Atom Developer Challenge is quickly approaching

Hi all, If you have a cool, innovative application, be sure to enter the Intel Atom Developer Challenge,, by Feb 2, 2010 to be eligible for great prizes! If you've already entered, don't forget to submit your application to the Intel Atom Developer Program,, to be validated. Also, make sure the title of your application is the same in both as that will let us know that your entry is complete. Good luck to everyone! Tonya

Clarifications Required --- Urgent

Hi , I would like to know the following: 1. If the app store is hosted and run from US or India? 2. What is the currency of payments for the applications and mode of payments, i.e, through paypal only or swift etc. If there is a minimum fund level requirement before a transfer is initiated, say for example, when the total revenue crosses $100 or so? 3. Is the revenue sharing is 70%-30% ? 4. If the 70% revenue is taxable? If so, what are the taxes applicable and what percentage? Cheers!, Praveen

Windows 7 or Moblin?

Hi group, i'm really new to Atom development, but i would to participate in the App Contest. What worries me is will it be open for Windows 7 apps or just Moblin? So far what i can see is that Moblin has an App Garage where people can get free and paid apps, will the same be available on Windows 7? thanks in advance!

Early Bird Prize

Hi, When would be the Netbook gets shipped for the eligible developers/companies. Further, I had submitted the app before the deadline and it was rejected couple of times during the validation and is finally resubmitted after the deadline (21st Dec 09). Will I be considered for this?
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