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Issue with iPhone 6 Plus and App Framework Sample (Side Bar click)

Hi there, it's actually a question about the App Framework Sample that you can see on: Projects -> Start a New Project -> Samples and Demos -> General -> App Framework.

I have tested this sample on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S4) with App Preview, and everything looks fine!

Works in Emulator but not App Preview

I'm creating an App that needs to send data up to a server and then retrieves data. Just getting the functions to work before I start to format and 'pretty it up'.

The POST functions fine and I capture with a php server that put into the database.

Using Ajax GET to retrieve the data, again from a php sender, and it works fine in the Emulator - but on App Preview it just crashes. Could anyone help please?

The JS function that is doing the GET and just displaying some of the data is as follows; (off the click of a button called 'butget'.


Ejemplo de app con Ionic y Geolocalización

Hola, estoy tratando de crear una app para Android utilizando AngularJS (Ionic) y tengo muchas dudas sobre cómo se inyecta el código del plugin de Geolocalización.

No estoy utilizando ngCordova, doy por supuesto que no es necesario descargar una librería externa para utilizar los plugins propios del XDK, pero no he encontrado un solo ejemplo funcional de Ionic con plugins de Cordova que pueda servir de referencia.

El código que utilizo es este:



How Can I Cleare the Web Services Memory?


Hi everyone

I need help about clear web services memory. I use an web service address(url) that include JSON code this url recorded the somewhere in XDK. I want to clear its. Where is it? and how can I clear this url? I try doing it with "; " command but it is not work? How can I do it?


(My web services data name is LNLAyatar3Bolge)



"Error Saving File"

Message from Intel XDK:

"Error Saving File

An error occurred when trying to save the file C:/User/.../index.html. (error Unknown)"

At the moment when I received the error, I was not committing any new action that I have not previously done before.


The file I am working on is App Framework footer template. I have added a "justgage", a picture, and some text. And I was manually adding to the html "vertical align" to the text. (Not sure if that is a detail of importance).

Confused on Frameworks

If I start a new project with HTML5 + Cordova, and I select jquery-mobile as the framework, I don't see any code that loads jquery or jquery-mobile. Shouldn't there be a couple of <script src=... in one of .js files?

I should also note that the reason I want jquery-mobile is to be able to run some javascript when a page loads, e.g.

$(document).on("pageshow","#pagetwo",function(){ // When entering pagetwo
  alert("pagetwo is now shown");
Is there's a better way to do this?




Android Build Failed

I created a new topic because I actually researched within the forums about getting the Upload failed when trying to upgrade an APK because of a different fingerprint.  The forum says to email html5tools at intel dot com.  I have sent email 3 times and haven't gotten a response in 4 days.  Could someone please help get the fingerprint issue resolved, or tell what my steps are to get it cleared up?  It is somewhat of a time frame issue and would love to get this resolved as soon as possible.  Thanks,

Sidebar menu issue with 720x1280 screen resolution

Dear support,

I am using Intel XDK and AppFreamwork 2.1 to design a simple UI with sidebar menu on the left.

The sidebar menu displayed correctly with all emulators in the Intel XDK but it is occupied by title bar when I install the app on Android simulator with screen resolution 720 x 1280.

It seemed the sidebar menu is hidden by the title bar.

You can  refer the attached file for screenshot.

Could you help me how to resolve this issue?

Regards, Daniel

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