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MHacks: 1,200 Students Rev Up the Motor City for the Midwest's Largest Hackathon

The best hackathons are those that embody the true spirit of a hackathon -- learning new things, meeting new people, having fun, and if you're really lucky, building something cool. Earlier this month I took part in an event that had all of those ingredients and more -- MHacks in Detroit, Michigan.

AJAX ok in test but not emulate/build

Hi - hope you'll bear with me as a rank amateur, but I've developed an app in HTML5/Javascript that accesses a mysql database via a php AJAX call. What puzzles me is that it works perfectly in a browser and in XDK emulate mode, but when I run in test mode or build, the php call does not work. An alternative call using plain HTML <form action="http://xxxxx method = "GET">  (ie not AJAX) works perfectly in test and build so the device I'm using (samsung S3 running Android 4.3) would appear not to be the issue. Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks Alan.

Overview do Runtime Crosswalk

Crosswalk* é um runtime de aplicações baseado em uma variedade de projetos open source. As APIs do Crosswalk web runtime inclusas na distribuição do Crosswalk runtime feita pelo Intel® XDK incluem diversas APIs de ponta que estão sendo consideradas para padronização pelo W3C*, bem como as populares APIs Apache Cordova*. Neste artigo, você irá encontrar um resumo das APIs mais importantes que são suportadas pelo Crosswalk runtime no Android*

Crosswalk Runtime Overview

Crosswalk is an HTML5 application runtime based on a variety of open source projects. The Crosswalk web runtime APIs included in the Intel® XDK distribution of the Crosswalk runtime include many cutting-edge APIs under consideration for standardization by the W3C*, as well as the popular Apache Cordova* device APIs and the Intel® XDK APIs. In this article you will find a summary of some of the important APIs that are supported by the Crosswalk runtime on Android*.

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