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I can't link views with elements in intel xdk

Hello, can't link a view to join with a button element. I'm using the ratchet framework to make this application, my button code is:

<button class="btn btn-negative btn-block" href="../alfabeto_vie.html">Clique para prosseguir</button>

I'm trying to join this element with a html file called "alfabeto_vie.html", this file here's on the same location folder with the index.html.
I was consulting the framework's documentation, this documentation explains that's formula bellow:

Failed to load. We need urgent help!

I decided to do an update apk.
When pouring apk on Google Play, you get this error.

Failed to load
Added previously APK-files signed certificates with digital prints
[SHA1: 24: AA: F1: B9: 97: A2: 7A: F1: BB: B8: C1: 5C: F2: 7B: 1F: 25: 54: D6: 76: AE]
And a new APK-file - certificate with the imprint
[SHA1: 16: 7C: 27: 4F: 07: F2: D8: C1: 5B: 1E: 98: 02: F4: 2C: DD: C2: EF: 91: D9: EF]
. Use the same certificate.

Build Error - gradle script on Android Cordova 5.1.1 with Push Plugin

I am facing a problem with the new repo of push plugin :

My app is cordova 5.1.1 and buld does not work with push plugin. fail due to gradle script.

How can i solve this please ?



The build failed.

An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

Build Log:

App unresponsive after back button press

Hi folks, just a quick question, does anyone else have issues with app being unresponsive? I the app is using default settings from xdk i am not intercepting the press. Im testing on a galaxy tab 3 (t315).

When I press that home button the app goes to background and on restart everything is fine but when I tap the back button it also goes to the background but when i bring the app back to foreground the music keeps playing but nothing else works.

Building Intel® XDK Cordova* Hybrid Apps

Describes the steps needed to prepare and build your app for final testing and distribution. build an Intel XDK HTML5+Cordova project into a hybrid mobile app. The build process uploads your local project source code and Apache Cordova* plugin files from your local development system to the Intel® XDK cloud-based build system, which creates a binary bundle. You download the binary bundle to your development system, install it on test mobile devices, and eventually submission to app stores.

Live Layout Editing with Angular JS and Ionic


When I try to enable live layout editing on an Angular JS application with Ionic, I get the following error when I switch to a template html file.


Is there a way to enable live editing with templates in AngularJS ? 


Thank you,

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Phone wp8 Crash at Splash


I have a cordova 5.1.1 jquery mobile application.  It works fine in Android and IOS. It crashes at the splash screen in Windows 8 and WP8.1 phone.

I've side loaded the windows 8 pc version (via powershell run) and tried it with fiddler.  Fiddler shows a call to so I know it is crashing.

I've tried using the WEINRE process but my program is dying before this gives me anything.

Works ok in the emulator.  Does't work correctly in the wp8 app preview (alert boxes won't show, doesn't do much).

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