Forum Question - so many Emails

Just an Admin question - WHen I submit a post is there a way of 'subscribing' to it so I get email notifications of answers, BUT exclude notifications from other topics? I seem to get an email from every post to the forum....dozens of them at a time? Other forums seem to have this feature but I can't find it here.





iOS Cordova , Zoom in is blurry

I created my game with Construct 2, then using Intel XDk to export it and install into my Iphone 6 Plus. The game worked great if scale by 1, but if I scale down or zoom in, images will be blurry at scale ~0.4 .It didn't happen when I run on Lan Preview on this same iphone. I think I missed somethings at Settings in XDK ? Can someone help me this issue please ?
My game works great on Crosswalk Cordova build for Android, no problems with Zoom in / Zoom out / Scale.

IOS APP crashed and quit itself


I am a newbie for game development, so please forgive me if i can not figure out simple problems, also english is not my native language, if you can not understand what I mean please let me know. thanks

My problem is : I export my ios app with intel XDK Cordova hybrid mobile app platforms successfully, and the app installation to my Ipad through itune was succeed, but when I open the app, after a few seconds of splash screen shows up, it crashed and quit itself, I have search online, can not find a solution for my problem, anyone knows please help, really thankfull.

Build error App ID windows 8

Since a few days building a HTML5-app for Windows 8 app store leads to a build error when using the correct App ID for the windows app store:

error APPX1404: File content does not conform to specified schema. The 'Id' attribute is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype '' - The Pattern constraint failed.

Intel XDK volume


Olá, estou com um player de audio no meu aplicativo, onde o audio é transferido via uma url. 
Como alguns dispositivos com telas menores não exibem o botão de audio no volume, então criei uma fileira de três botões, baixo, médio e alto.
todos os botões têm a opção de onclick, com as chamadas: baixo();, medio(); e alto();.
Em uma classe JavaScript chamada de audio.js, utilizei o audio do xdk.


Where are the Files ?

I'm following a tutorial for creating & uploading a file to a server, and although I've copied the code it is giving errors.

In it, it shows how to select the Intel XDK File Upload API - which I have done.

Part of the code is;


     <script src="intelxdk.js"></script>        
    <script src="cordova.js"></script>          
    <script src="xhr.js"></script>  


cordova plugin framework tag


I'm using Badge plugin :

the latest update, enables the badge icon on android app but the build failed.
After some investigations i found the problem, due to framework tag in plugin.xml that does not seem to be parsed during the build.
Any other users are experiencing an identical problem ?

Is there any solution ?

Cordova 4.1.2 build - Android.



Assine o HTML5