Computação perceptiva

Hello World & #GDC2014 Party Cheat Sheet

For those that program (or are learning to program), the convention is that one's first program is called "Hello World," where, as the name implies, the quest is to get the display (whatever it may be) to show "Hello World." In this case, this is my first blog as the Community Manager for Intel® RealSense technology. I step into this role, taking over for the wonderful Bob Duffy, who is moving on to the roll of being the manager of community managers.

Head of the Order* Casts a Spell on Perceptual Computing

By Edward J. Correia

When Intel put a call out for apps that would transform the way we interface with traditional PCs, Jacob and Melissa Pennock, founders of Unicorn Forest Games, entered their spell-casting game, Head of the Order*, into the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge. They took home a top prize.

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