Case Study: Redesigning ‘Back in Time’ from an iPad* to Windows* Store App


This paper looks at the enhancements and challenges required to redesign the education application “Back in Time.” Authored by Landka®, the application was originally designed for the iPad*, and porting it to Windows* 8 provided multiple opportunities for an enhanced user experience.

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  • Getting Someone to Know What They Know

    Have you ever tried to explain something that is second nature to you?  It’s difficult if not impossible to recall even important details all at once.  In working with a knowledgeable source, they often don’t know what all you don’t know- that is, a routine they’ve been doing for so long may seem like common sense to them despite outsiders having utter ignorance on where to begin.   The approach outlined here can help break down that communication barrier.

    Installation of Intel® System Studio on Windows* Host

    How to get Intel System Studio 2014 - Windows* Host package?

    Upon registering for the program you will receive a serial number and email with a license file. You will need either of these two to complete the installation process. If you want to use the license file you can point to it during install, but you can also copy it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses\for automatic pickup by the installer.

    Execute one of the installer executable.

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  • Entwicklung und Optimierung von Android*-Anwendungen auf der Intel® Atom™ Plattform


    Dieser Artikel präsentiert detaillierte Methoden für die Entwicklung und Portierung einer Android*-Anwendung auf die Intel® Atom™ Plattform und behandelt bewährte Verfahren zur Entwicklung von Anwendungen mit dem Android Native Development Kit (NDK) sowie zur Leistungsoptimierung. Android-Entwicklern dient dieses Dokument als Referenz für die Entwicklung hochwertiger Anwendungen, die auf die Intel® Architektur ausgelegt sind.

    1. Klassifizierung von Android*-Anwendungen

    Android-Anwendungen lassen sich nach zwei Typen klassifizieren (siehe Abb. 1).

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