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Roadshow: Einstieg in die Hybrid App Entwicklung

Seit 2009 halte ich regelmäßig Entwickler-Roadshows. Auch dieses Jahr und Anfang 2015 möchte ich die Community in Deutschland, Österreich und in der Schweiz mit einer kostenfreien Roadshow zum Thema „Cross Plattform Entwicklung“ unterstützen.

Doch diesmal wird das keine gewöhnliche Roadshow, sondern eine Cross Community Roadshow. Damit ist gemeint, dass die Roadshow nicht nur wie bisher für Microsoft User Groups stattfindet, sondern ebenfalls für Google Developer Groups und JavaScript User Groups.

Intel® Compilers for Linux*: Application Porting Guide

This paper describes application porting when using Intel® Compilers for Linux*. The Intel C/C++ compiler is compatible to the GNU* compilers in terms of source, binary and command-line compatibility. The Intel® C/C++ and Fortran Compilers help make your applications  run at top speed on Intel's platforms, including those based on the IA-32, Intel® 64 and Intel® Xeon Phi architectures. The compilers also provide compatibility with commonly used Linux* software development tools.

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  • Intel Intern Hackathon 2014 - Results

    The urban dictionary defines a hackathon as “having company employees come in and work all night under the guise of innovation and opportunity with little or no reward to one’s self for the sole purpose of benefiting the company.”  This was clearly NOT the case at the Intel Intern’s Hackathon which was held cross-site on Saturday, July 19 and Sunday, July 20, 2014.   The group of interns who participated was tasked with creating apps which can help school students learn math.  The reason for the hackathon was to provide the interns with a venue combining collaboration and software developme

    Intel's Intern Hackahon

    Having a hackathon for Intel’s interns is a no brainer.  Hackathons are hot commodity these days.  You get to hone your programming skills, network with your peers and produce cool apps.  Not only that, but Intel is known for its Code for Good program which pairs a social agenda with software development.  Through Code for Good Intel sponsors plenty of hackathons including this one, in collaboration with the Intel Intern Office.   The interns that participated were enthusiastic and super dedicated.  There were several

    Mission Possible: Making Math Fun Through Games – An Education Hackathon


    The Intel® Code for Good Math Game Event was a rather ambitious undertaking for two reasons. First, the topic of math and figuring out a strategy to make it fun and educational is a tough mission in and of itself. Secondly, the hackathon was a coordinated event involving interns and volunteers at three different Intel® sites over the weekend of July 19 and 20, 2014.

    Intel XDK: Neues Update – Release v1199

    Vor ein paar Tagen am 29 Juli 2014 wurde wieder ein neues Update vom Intel XDK veröffentlicht. Bestehende Projekte benötigen für die neue Version ein Upgrade. Diese sind dann nicht mehr kompatibel mit älteren XDK Versionen. Hierbei wird nichts an den hauptsächlichen Projektdateien geändert, sondern nur an den XDK relevanten Projektdateien project-name.xdk und project-name.xdke. Das neue Update bringt lang vermisste Features und einige Leckerbissen mit sich, die ich kurz mit einem Überblick vorstellen möchte:

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