Criar código para o bem

Примеры современных приложений для моноблоков, трансформеров и планшетов

The Intel App Innovation Contest saw entries from all over the world with the winners and examples listed. From games to retail software there was incredible innovation using Intel technology.
  • Criar código para o bem
  • Tecnologia Intel® RealSense™
  • Hackathon Style JavaScript - Fundamentals

    This quick intro will provide a crash course to the very basics of JavaScript.  Note: the style here is quick and dirty, designed to get a quick prototype working a.k.a. ‘hack it together’ – hackathon style.  There are almost always many ways to do something, or many subsets of things that can be explored, but this is the skeleton of what you need to know to get something running.

    The first step is to open up your preferred text editor.  Notepad++ is used here, but pretty much anything works.

    The basic structure:

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