Criar código para o bem

Adding audio and a shape into a game, using JavaScript - ThaoH

Playing a game is fun. But knowing how to build a game, a person can even have more fun. In order to do this, one needs to be creative and patient. There are on line classes that teach audience how to build games such as and You can teach yourself step by step to create your own game.

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE): Code for Good Hackathon Week 1

        Second week and week one for the Code for Good Hackton has ended. This week was rough for my group and I. We went from winning to failing. But as the brilliant Thomas A. Edison once said "[We] have not fail. [We]'ve just found a thousand ways that won't work". Everything is a process. Not everything will come to us so easily. 

What's New? - Intel® System Studio 2013 Update 2

Intel® System Studio 2013

Intel® System Studio is a comprehensive and integrated tool suite that provides developers with advanced system tools and technologies to help accelerate the delivery of the next generation power efficient, high performance, and reliable embedded and mobile devices. Intel® System Studio includes the components listed below:

  • Desenvolvedores
  • Linux*
  • Tizen*
  • Projeto Yocto
  • Criar código para o bem
  • Tizen*
  • C/C++
  • Python*
  • Avançado
  • Intermediário
  • Extensões Intel® Streaming SIMD
  • Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE): Code for Good Hackathon Day 1

         The Hackathon has started. June 24, 2013 the Code for Good Hackathon started here, at California State University, Sacramento (Sac State). We have all been waiting for it. The experience that most of the IUEE participants have been waiting for.

    Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College - ALPHA

    The IUEE hackathon continues, & the students almost all have their apps in alpha.  They worked together very hard to get their apps to this point.  They used online resources to learn what they need & asked us facilitators when they got stuck.  Through their perseverance, they made apps that work for the most part.

    Modeling Education for the Connected World

    Sit back for a moment and reflect on just what the internet is and how it has affected you, your work, and the world at large. Feel the sweeping, awestruck sensation of there being a meta-universe that exists, not unlike the seemingly infinite neural pathways inside your brain (that picture, by the way, is not of firing neurons, but a visual fragment of the internet's interconnectivity.) Feel it? I hope so.

    Summer 2013 IUEE HTML5 Experience Day 1

        Our team is ' Seal Team 6 ' .  We are a team of five coming from many different educational back grounds. We have a mechanical, two electrical, and two computer engineering majors. We all have different programing experience. Our mechanical engineer has no experience with computer languages, but is very enthusiastic and excited to learn.One of our computer engineering majors has taken classes in HTML5, Java , C++, C and Prolog. Our other computer engineering major has only fromal training in Java and C Sharp, but is self taught in several languages including HTML5 and CSS.

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