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Simple Print to Console Algorithm using NASM Assembly Code on Linux

When searching for a good, clean working example other than perhaps writing out a "Hello World" string to the console in Netwide Assembler (NASM) for standard x86 architecture... I've found only a little.  There are only a small number of places one can go for examples.  I've found the downloadable pdf isn't the quickest or easiest way to begin learning Netwide Assembly.  Stackoverflow does offer some enigmatic propositions to ponder, and my print-to-console algorithm that I'm sharing with you today is loosely based upon a mishmash of some things you may find there.

GA Tech 2013 Code for Good Student Hackathon

For 24 hours in early November, we held the 2nd GA Tech Code for Good Student Hackathon.  In continuation of last year's event here, we retained the theme of teaching healthy lifestyle choices to combat childhood obesity.  From edutainment to exercise games, we seek to create worthwhile projects that can help an at-risk demographic: our future.

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