Intel Software at AnDevCon Boston 2015

AnDevCon identifies itself as the biggest, most info-packed, practical Android conference in the world. A team of Intel® Software engineers and experts, showcased and educated developers with demos of Intel tools for Android. Intel technical experts shared their knowledge and expertise via a keynote presentation, technical sessions, hands-on workshops and lightning talk.

Pruebe GRATIS su aplicación en dispositivos Intel Android desde

Appthwack es un sitio web de pruebas en dispositivos reales basado en la nube. Permite probar aplicaciones para Android, iOS y la Web en dispositivos reales por medio de la nube. Esto significa que se pueden probar las aplicaciones en dispositivos físicos sin necesidad de comprar ninguno. Para ello hay que subir ar archivo de paquete al sistema de appthwack en la nube. Cobran a sus clientes de acuerdo con la cantidad de minutos de dispositivo por mes. Sin embargo, para dispositivos Intel Android, las pruebas son totalmente gratuitas.

如何:使用 在英特尔 Android 设备上免费测试应用

Appthwack 是一款基于云的真实设备测试网站。 该网站可帮助用户通过云测试真实设备上的 AndroidiOS 和 Web 应用。 也就是说,您可以在不拥有任何一台设备的情况下测试真实设备上的应用。 如欲获取该性能,您需要将软件包文件上传至 appthwack 云系统。 它们根据每分钟/每月的设备数量收费。 但是,对于英特尔 Android 设备,该测试完全免费。 在您启动前,需要输入电子邮件 ID、用户名和密码来创建账户。 account creation
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Editor’s App Picks February 2014: The Best of SYAP

Here at the Intel Developer Zone, we’ve launched an exciting platform called the "Share Your App Project”, a great way for interested developers to share what they’re working on with the greater developer community. Every month, we plan to recognize a few apps for innovation, creativity, and intuitive and interesting use of technology.

How-To: Test your app for FREE on Intel Android devices using

Appthwack is a cloud based real device testing website. This website allows you to test your Android, iOS and Web applications on the real device over cloud. Which means, you can do test your app on actual devices without owning a single device.  For that you need to upload your package file to appthwack cloud system. They charge their customers based on number of device minutes/month. However, for Intel Android devices, this testing is absolutely free.

The Top Android Apps of 2013

The top Android apps of 2013 have been put together by Google Play users, with more than one million votes cast in the first annual Players’ Choice: Top Google Play Apps and Games poll. There were several unique categories in these user-submitted picks, included Old School Still Cool, Best Game Based on a Movie, and even a write-in category, where players took the time to write and tell Google Play about their favorite app.

Interview with Developer Martin Wojtczyk

Busy developer Martin Wojtczyk generously gave us a few minutes of his team this week to talk about his current work with perceptual computing and Android technology.  Along with his wife Devy, this developer team recently demoed several Perceptual Computing projects they entered during the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenges Phases 1 & 2, and on which they worked during multiple Intel-hosted Hackathons in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Cómo hacer que descubran nuestra aplicación en Google Play: Parte uno

Si usted es desarrollador y está creando aplicaciones, seguramente ya conoce Google Play, una tienda de aplicaciones Android donde se ofrecen miles de aplicaciones para ser descubiertas por usuarios de todo el mundo. La meta principal de todo desarrollador que tenga aplicaciones en Google Play es lograr que los usuarios las descubran, instalen y usen.

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