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I am not an Intel employee, but I play one on television. I started playing with computers when I was 16 writing a blackjack game using Hollerith cards on an IBM 1130. I've made my career choices based on potential fun to be had, which led to a 30+ year career working for SuperComputer manufacturers, and then to "teaching career"++. I know the cake is a lie, but the Fantoccini approach to technology is not a lie. The ++ in my work as a computer science professor at Contra Costa College, is my work with SC Education (, educating faculty about parallel and distributed computing, and the burgeoning metaverse exploring how to meld HPC and the verse ( All this inexorably led me to volunteer my time on this blog. BTW my name is Tom Murphy, an ever popular name previously Intel claimed by another, hence my lupine pseudonym.

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