With the growing range of new devices comes both UX challenges and UX opportunities – here, we’ll show you how to overcome those challenges and create a really strong User Experience.


Reduced interface scale presents specific UX challenges – here are some solutions…

  • Intel’s own, Andrew S. does a real time tour of our new XDK and shows how easy it is to get great results in minute
  • In a pure touch environment, how do you let the user know what to do? Top UX Expert Luke Wroblewski on how to make the invisible… visible
  • A great in-depth, technical, step by step on how to get the best from Android devices

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UX solutions to the challenges of touch-only…

  • Push things forward, by getting the most from your motion and location data – mobile apps will never be the same
  • User Experience Design Guidelines for Tablets running Android
  • A top app developer shares some great tips on mobile hardware considerations and connectivity

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How to take full advantage of the UX power of these devices…

  • Taking a great PC strategy game from mouse to touch – interesting for gamers, or developers (and possibly both)
  • More detailed information of developing touch based apps for Ultrabook (Now, with free code!)

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