Announcing the Scalar StudioCloud and Intel® Partnership at SIGGRAPH 2017

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StudioCloud is a service that the media and entertainment industry can utilize on an as needed basis to help with the ever changing needs of production pipelines.

So my name is Kris Kostiuk. I'm the Director of Business Development for Scalar Decisions in the media entertainment high performance computing and cloud. I'm here at SIGGRAPH to talk to all you wonderful people about Scalar StudioCloud. 

Cloud is a solution that was born from the Vancouver Studio Group. It's a community built solution that has been wildly successful. So it started out by helping the Vancouver Studios bring the Disney Marvel business up to Canada. And the requirement there was to have 1,000 render nodes. 

And that just wasn't something that any single studio could do. So Scalar was approached to build a data center specific for media entertainment that could deliver that capacity of render, and help the community so when they didn't need the render, and their render nodes were idle, they could cross-rent those nodes back to the community, and have them and burst when they needed it. 

So that has garnered a lot of business up to Vancouver. And we've now spread to Montreal, Toronto. And we're looking to talk to clients here about how we can expand into new markets of Los Angeles, London, internationally. 

So we're excited to announce a $100 million partnership with Intel that allows us to transition from where we were traditionally offering long-term commitments of two, three years of render commitment. And instead, now we can offer our clients the ability to have a lot more agility and do a short-term render in order to meet their project-based workflows. So they can have a requirement to deliver on a three-month project and not have to go out and buy all net new equipment. They can leverage that short-term rental to complement their investment and existing baseline. 

And then furthering that with our partners with Intel and Conductor, we're able to now help our clients burst to the public cloud as well. One of the strongest advantages of the relationship that we have with Intel in offering this short-term model, basically, is creating the liquidity, giving us the flexibility to offer a lot of capacity if clients need to burst in a large way. 

The other benefit is by having a short-term market, creating demand for short-term nodes and a price point that is reasonable allows our clients to make longer term investments to cross-rent on the short-term and make the arbitrage on that cross rental. So when they're renting at, say, $10 per node per day on a three-year term, and then can cross-rent at $20 per node per day, they're making arbitrage. They're able to reinvest that money into their infrastructure and help pay down some of that expense of infrastructure costs that allow you to do those great feature film and visual effects work. 

So to learn more about Scalar Decisions and our partnership with Intel, come to We look forward to helping you.