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IoT Journey: From Prototype to Start-Up

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Learn how ideas started in an Intel® IoT Workshop can manifest itself into a full blown solution. From the process of implementing a minimum viable product to refining the prototype into a commercial IoT solution, Paul Langdon will review the strategies and pitfalls which may occur going from a single prototype to rolling out a beta product with actual consumers. Topics to be covered include security, cost, and scale.

This webinar will feature:

  • Intel® IoT Developer Kit - Where to start your idea.
  • Intel® Software Developer Resources - Where to go when you are seeking tips and tricks.
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology - From prototype to a complete product.
  • Q&A session.

Speaker: Paul Langdon
Intel® Innovator

Paul Langdon has over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and architect in the IoT financial and health-care sectors. He spent the last two years developing award-winning IoT products and applications using commodity hardware. Paul is a contributing author and member of Intel’s Innovator Program, teacher of IoT hardware and technologies, and founder of the “Innovation Think” series with a focus on IoT and hardware.