Yann dupondThu, July 6th 2017 - 13:42
Enable legacy redirection mode in version 10.0.47-build 10062
Hello Guys, In this version I can't see anymore legacy redirection mode option in AMT menu ctrl +P, only SOL, KVM, IDER. Could you please help? Running on Centos 7. I managed to enable it via wsman, but is there an official way? Also having some issue to connect via amtterm in Centos 7. Thank...
Deepak S.Fri, June 23rd 2017 - 7:26
Keyboard get hang when connect to device.3
Users are facing this issue very frequently. When we connect device using KVM Client, keyboard get hang. They have to connect, disconnect multiple them to make it working. Please help on this. Thanks  
Brett C.Thu, June 15th 2017 - 17:57
KVMControlApplication SetLicense7
Whenever I use this sample code, I get the VNC watermark telling me to register the product. I am trying to remove this water-mark.  I have purchased the key and put it into the app.config as directed by the readme.  No worky. I noticed that there are a few lines of code commented out that actual...
Tom H.Thu, June 15th 2017 - 5:58
SCS/RCS Error1
I have been getting some errors when trying to configure some of our AMT equipped devices.  I have setup a server for provisioning with Intel SCS, and it works for some devices.  I get the following error when running ACUConfig on some devices: ACU Configurator, Category: Exit Source: Src\Activat...
Günter M.Wed, June 7th 2017 - 8:10
Improve Intel AMT Security0
I use Intel AMT Feature to manage my clients. Since our computer manufacturer could not provide the fixes for the recent vulnerability in time, I had to unconfigure all the clients. Now I consider how to improve the security of the intel AMT access for future issues. I propose to extend the feat...
mehmet y.Sat, June 3rd 2017 - 6:58
PXE Boot problem after AMT Enabled (no network connection)2
We have remove provision certificate. With the certificate, 3 different model computers(HP 800 AIO,Dell 7440 AIO, HP 800 G2 AIO)were configured. Amt is fully operational, no problem with it. But, when we want to reimage the pc with PXE, we have a problem.  There is network connection while pc is ...
Dave J.Fri, June 2nd 2017 - 6:50
Add Intel Device to CSC database0
Hi, Currently playing around with intel AMT. For now I'm using the Intel SCS console to Provision Intel AMT devices in Admin mode for this I'm creating an USB flash drive from within the intel SCS console. The profile i'm using: Network Settings      FQDN will be the same as the DNS Look Up FQD...
Blair K.Fri, June 2nd 2017 - 3:10
MeshCentral 2 - Trusted Root Certificate Etc.3
Hi, I am testing MeshCentral 2 - Beta 1.  Is it possible to configure the Web/MPS server to use your own trusted certificates rather than use those generated by the --cert parameter? If yes, how would I go about getting this to work from the server and AMT client perspective? Kind Regards, Blair
Blair K.Tue, May 30th 2017 - 8:29
MeshCommander - Keyboard Mapping (Backslash Key)8
Hi, When I use the KVM functionality of MeshCommander, the backslash key comes out as the hash key on the client end.  Both the viewer and client are set to English - United Kingdom. Any ideas why the mapping isn't working correctly or how I can fix it? Thanks for any assistance, Blair
Deepak S.Thu, May 18th 2017 - 7:01
Clipboard functionality on KVM Client1
I am using Mesh Central to remotely connect devices. But i missed one feature here, to copy the local resources to remote desktop, like we do it in rdp. Can you please tell me, how to activate this clipboard functionality.Also if possible to use it in KVM client.
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