To view the performance difference for the source/assembly code, open the results in the Bottom-up compare mode and double-click the function you are interested in to view the performance values for each line of its source/assembly code of both results and the difference between them.



The source and binary files are not modified and the debug information is available

Compare performance for each source/assembly code line.

The source and binary files are not modified but the binaries are complied without the debug information

Compare performance for each assembly instruction.

The source files are not modified but the binary files are re-compiled with different options

Compare performance for each source code line.


When comparing the source code for binary files with different checksum, only the Source pane is available.

The source and binary files are modified

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier cannot compare performance for source/assembly code and displays an error message.


When you click the hotspot function in the Bottom-up window, the VTune Amplifier opens the Source pane that displays the CPU time data per each result and the difference between the results.

You see that the execution of the hottest line 64 took less CPU time in result r006hs.

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