A self-check script is available to validate that appropriate drivers are installed and the system is set up properly to collect performance data. The script can be run on individual systems or on a cluster environment.

The amplxe-self-checker.sh script is available from <install-dir>/bin64 on the Linux system on which VTune Amplifier is installed. The script runs several representative analysis types on a sample with reliable hotspots. After the script completes, it produces a log file and gives diagnostics on the success or failure of the checks. The analysis types that are launched cover:

  • Software sampling and tracing collection (Hotspots in the user-mode sampling mode or Threading)

  • Core event-based sampling collection (Hotspots in the hardware event-based sampling mode with and without stacks)

  • Microarchitecture Exploration analysis

  • Memory Access analysis with uncore events

The diagnostics detect possible collection limitations and lists steps to overcome the limitations. The output also provides information about missing permissions or outdated drivers.

Use the --log-dir option when running the script to specify a location for the log file to be stored. This option is useful when running the script on a compute node through a job scheduler.

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