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Download dos mais recentes SDKs, APIs e ferramentas

Obtenha as mais novas ferramentas da Intel para ajudá-lo a codificar, otimizar, testar e empacotar os aplicativos Ultrabook para Windows* 8. Nós oferecemos uma variedade de ferramentas inovadoras de software para ajudar a compilar seu aplicativo, otimizá-lo para a arquitetura Intel, obter o melhor resultado gráfico possível e testá-lo e empacotá-lo para envio à loja do Intel AppUp.

Ferramentas de desenvolvimento

Obtenha o máximo do seu aplicativo usando as ferramentas Intel para fazer com que o seu código tenha um alto desempenho no hardware Intel.

Ferramentas gráficas

Obtenha os melhores resultados possíveis dos seus gráficos e sua mídia com estas ferramentas.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Melhore o desempenho e a escalabilidade de multicore com um conjunto de recursos avançados para desenvolvedores que precisam de uma otimização ainda maior de desempenho.
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Analisadores de desempenho Intel® Graphics

Um conjunto de poderosas ferramentas de análise de jogos e de gráficos projetadas para funcionar da mesma forma que os desenvolvedores de jogos pensam.
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SDK da computação perceptiva

Com o SDK Intel® de computação perceptiva 2013, o desenvolvedor pode criar empolgantes novos aplicativos que aproveitam as vantagens das principais capacidades do SDK: reconhecimento de voz, rastreamento de curto alcance de mãos e dedos, análise facial, realidade aumentada e remoção de plano de fundo.
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Intel® Media SDK

Uma biblioteca de desenvolvimento de software que mostra os recursos inovadores de aceleração de mídia (codificação, decodificação e transcodificação) das plataformas Intel.
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Mais ferramentas

A Intel fornece os suites de ferramentas que os desenvolvedores para Windows precisam para oferecer desempenho sem precedentes.
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HTML5 - Testar e empacotar aplicativos


É uma satisfação oferecer suporte ao HTML5, um novo framework para desenvolvimento. Nós oferecemos as ferramentas e recursos a seguir para ajudar o seu desenvolvimento, teste e encapsulamento de aplicativos em HTML5 para dispositivos Ultrabook.



Conheça o Intel XDK NEW, um kit de ferramentas HTML5 de plataformas cruzadas para aplicativos da Web e híbridos.


Página inicial do HTML5

Descubra como usar o seu conhecimento em HTML5 para criar aplicativos HTML5 híbridos para dispositivos móveis (como fones e tablets) e para outras plataformas.

Encontre a melhor e mais atual documentação para ajudar no seu projeto de desenvolvimento. Nós temos manuais técnicos, estudos de caso, amostras de código, vídeos e blogs muito interessantes e instigantes. Você encontrará aqui todos os recursos de desenvolvimento para Ultrabook.

Comparing Touch Coding Techniques - Windows 8 Desktop Touch Sample
27-fev-2014 | 11:42 AM PST | 1
Download Sample Code / Article   Interaction Context v1.1 (122 KB) - Updated Sample Code as ...
Notes from Mobile World Congress 2014: Hackathons, IoT, and Amazing Tech
26-fev-2014 | 2:47 PM PST | 1
Mobile World Congress is a can’t-miss yearly destination; this is where developers and anyone interested in the latest mobile technologies have the unique opportunity to interact with Intel experts, learn more about the newest mobile ...
The Chronicles of Phi - part 1 The Hyper-Thread Phalanx
26-fev-2014 | 10:15 AM PST | 0
The term phalanx is derived from a military formation used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The formation generally involved soldiers lining up shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield multiple rows deep. The formation would advance in unison becoming “an irresistible force.” I use the term Hyper- ...
Developing a C# Plugin for The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager
25-fev-2014 | 3:54 PM PST | 0
This article shows some simple steps to develop a C# plugin to be launched by The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager (PSM) framework application. Bear in mind that PSM includes several preconfigured plugins which cover common usage scenarios, so plugin development is recommended only for ...
Editor’s App Picks February 2014: The Best of SYAP
24-fev-2014 | 1:32 PM PST | 0
Here at the Intel Developer Zone, we’ve launched an exciting platform called the "Share Your App Project”, a great way for interested developers to share what they’re working on with the greater developer ...
Developer apps to look forward to at MWC – Part 2
21-fev-2014 | 1:39 PM PST | 0
Yesterday, we got our first look at developers who will be showcased at Mobile World Congress, happening next week, February 24-27. Thousands of technologically minded ...
Power Auto Analysis
21-fev-2014 | 11:28 AM PST | 0
By Rukhsana Yeasmin A single application can drain a device’s battery and negatively impact consumers’ perception of a platform. Unlike performance, there is no natural market-driven motivation to make one’s application power-efficient. There may be a few exceptions where an application is so ...
Intel® Developer Zone at Mobile World Congress 2014: Don’t miss it!
20-fev-2014 | 4:21 PM PST | 1
The mobile ecosystem is growing at a fantastic rate, and smart developers know that staying on top of the trends driving this growth is extremely important. Come visit us at ...
Developer Demos to Look Forward To At Mobile World Congress: Part 1
19-fev-2014 | 3:13 PM PST | 0
Next week, February 24-27, thousands of technologically minded people from all around the world will be congregating in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress. This year the Intel Developer Zone is pleased to be showcasing our ...
BoilerMake Hackathon Blazes through Frozen Midwest
18-fev-2014 | 11:08 AM PST | 1
400 student developers met up at Purdue’s France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center from all across the Midwest and beyond to create a wide variety of awesome apps.  Armed with expertise and ideas, these intrepid engineers created apps and hardware hacks from scratch over the course of this 36- ... - Run your own server with Mesh Server Installer
13-fev-2014 | 9:58 PM PST | 0
It’s been a long time coming but today is finally the day we released the first simple Mesh Server Installer allowing anyone to launch their own ...
Interview with Developer Adarsh Uppula
13-fev-2014 | 1:29 PM PST | 0
Developer Adarsh Uppula graciously gave us a few minutes of his time this week to talk about his development background, his current app projects, and his thoughts on the software development landscape. He recently won first place win for Best New App at the Intel CodeFest for Android in November ...
Flappy Bird: What Happened?
12-fev-2014 | 2:39 PM PST | 1
One of the most intriguing stories to come across the news feeds recently is that of Dong Nguyen, the developer behind the runaway hit Flappy Bird. This immensely popular game, which was the number one downloaded free app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for nearly a month, reportedly ...
What's New? Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.2 update 3
11-fev-2014 | 11:03 PM PST | 0
Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.2 Update 2): Added support for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2013. Improved Microsoft* PPL-compatible form of parallel_for for better support of auto-vectorization. Added a new example for cancellation and reset in the flow graph: Kohonen self-organizing map (examples/ ...
Touch Developer Guide for Ultra Mobile Devices
07-fev-2014 | 12:23 PM PST | 0
Touch Developer Guide   Download PDF Revision 2.0 January, 2014 Contents Revision HistoryFigures ...
Intel Developer Zone at AppsWorld 2014
05-fev-2014 | 1:56 PM PST | 1
Thousands of software developers engaged with Intel Software at AppsWorld 2014 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center February 5 and 6 to learn how the Intel® Developer Zone is the destination for developers for all things mobile software. The Intel Software exhibit demonstrated end-to-end software ...
Interview with Developer Stan Bogdanov
05-fev-2014 | 10:22 AM PST | 0
Busy developer Stan Bogdanov graciously gave us a few minutes of his time this week to talk about his development background, his current app projects, and his thoughts on the software development landscape, and other interesting tidbits (like how he hacked his way into his mom’s work computer as a ...
Introduction to the Intel® Numeric String Conversion Library
04-fev-2014 | 3:39 PM PST | 0
Intel® Numeric String Conversion Library (libistrconv) is a new component introduced in Intel® C++ compiler version 14.0 Update 1. This library provides a collection of routines for converting between ASCII strings of decimal numbers and C numeric data types. These routines provide similar ...
Krita* Gemini* - Twice as Nice on a 2 in 1
03-fev-2014 | 3:20 PM PST | 0
Download PDF Why 2 in 1? A 2 in 1 computer (2 in 1) is a laptop computer that can ...
Digital Security and Surveillance on 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors Using Intel® System Studio
03-fev-2014 | 12:25 AM PST | 0
This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital video surveillance systems to run on 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® HD Graphics, in combination with the Intel® System Studio software development suite. While Intel® HD Graphics is useful for developing many ...
hackTECH: Intel's First Major League Hackathon
01-fev-2014 | 9:59 AM PST | 0
hackTECH: Intel’s First Major League Hackathon Hailed as the largest ever hackathon on the west coast, hackTECH ran from Friday January 24th at 9:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. on Sunday.  Approximately 1500 students (registered, more like 1200 in actual attendance) from over 50 schools created projects ...
Code size optimization using the Intel® C/C++ Compiler
29-jan-2014 | 4:47 PM PST | 0
Code size optimization is a key factor, especially critical in embedded systems requiring code size reduction at the cost of application speed! Application developed for an embedded system is generally tuned for a particular processor with a finite memory size and hence memory is the main cost ...
The increasing need for cross-platform development
29-jan-2014 | 3:38 PM PST | 0
Remember back in the good old days when developers only had to create applications for one, maybe two different platforms? In the last ten years, this has changed dramatically: the number of form factors – smartphones, tablets, phablets, PCs, etc. – has absolutely exploded corresponding with the ...
Who is buying the most apps, and where?
23-jan-2014 | 2:22 PM PST | 0
A new study out from Distimo this week, who made the report in partnership with Wandoujia, a leading mobile content search engine for Android users in China, authoritatively concludes that Asia is now the world’s top marketplace for apps, and that by a large margin when compared to other markets. ...
My Desktop Piling System
23-jan-2014 | 12:20 PM PST | 0
Desktop Piling System About 25 years ago my manager at the time, Brian, introduced me to a new phrase when describing my work area. He called it a “Piling System”. I accepted the comment as an acceptable way for my manger to call me a slob. In the years since I have come to embrace the term at a ...
Creating multi-platform games with Cocos2d-x
21-jan-2014 | 2:48 PM PST | 1
In this tutorial how to create a simple game using the Cocos2d-x framework in a Windows development environment and how to compile it to run on Windows 8 and Android.
Free to play games continue to dominate other app monetization models
21-jan-2014 | 1:55 PM PST | 0
A report out from Super Data Research this week, whose data is collected directly from publishers and developers and builds on the digital point of sale data from millions of gamers, ranked the top earners ...
PERCEPTUAL COMPUTING: Augmenting the FPS Experience
20-jan-2014 | 11:48 AM PST | 0
Downloads PERCEPTUAL COMPUTING: Augmenting the FPS Experience [PDF 977KB] 1. Introduction For more than a decade, we've enjoyed the evolution of the First Person Shooter (FPS) Genre, ...
Intel® System Studio: Samples and Tutorials
20-jan-2014 | 6:42 AM PST | 0
Collection of Code Samples and Tutorials for Intel® System Studio.
New 10x10 Process Combines Participatory Design with Agile Product Development
17-jan-2014 | 3:20 PM PST | 0
By Garret Romaine Download Article New 10x10 Process Combines Participatory Design with Agile Product Development [PDF 588KB] Traditional user experience (UX) testing is often a lengthy ...
Intel at DICE Summit 2014
17-jan-2014 | 2:08 PM PST | 0
Intel is excited to announce that we’re the platinum sponsors for this year’s 2014 D.I.C.E. Summit! Please stop by the D.I.C.E. Arcade area to catch a glimpse into both Intel and Havok’s latest gaming platform directions, technologies, and solutions. Intel is proud to promote this year’s event that ...
Mobile app monetization: a moving target
15-jan-2014 | 3:42 PM PST | 0
A study released by Gartner this week revealed a few somewhat discouraging predictions for the future of mobile app monetization: Less than .01 percent of apps will be considered a financial success by the end of 2018 Paid ...
Intel(R) Software Manager has stopped working
15-jan-2014 | 3:29 PM PST | 0
There have been some instances after Intel(R) Software Manager is launched that Microsoft Windows* will display "Intel Software Manager has stopped working"... To resolve this, remove the Intel Software Manager user configuration files: C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\ ...
How To Plan Optimizations with Unity*
15-jan-2014 | 9:14 AM PST | 0
By John Wesolowski Downloads How To Plan Optimizations with Unity* [PDF 2.15MB] Abstract Unity provides a number of tools and settings to help make games perform smoothly. For this project, we chose ones we ...
Mobile app growth continues to rise
13-jan-2014 | 4:26 PM PST | 0
A new report put together by mobile analytics firm Flurry states that the use of mobile apps – not just downloads, although that is definitely a factor – surged by 115 percent over 2012 in 2013. According to the report, utilities and productivity apps rose by 149 percent, games by 66 percent, ...
Fast Panorama Stitching
10-jan-2014 | 3:03 PM PST | 0
  Download paper as PDF Introduction Taking panoramic pictures has become a common scenario and is included in most smartphones’ and tablets’ native camera applications. Panorama stitching applications work by ...
Developers: On track for high demand in 2014
10-jan-2014 | 1:57 PM PST | 0
What job skills dominated the market in 2013? If you are a developer, chances are you already know that your particular skill set is extremely valuable, and end of year data extrapolated by a number of sources would agree with you. According to a survey conducted by ...
Criando jogos multi-plataforma com Cocos2d-x
10-jan-2014 | 7:49 AM PST | 0
Neste tutorial iremos demonstrar como criar um jogo simples usando o framework Cocos2d-x em um ambiente de desenvolvimento Windows* e como compilar o jogo em Windows e Android. O que é o Cocos2d-x? O Cocos2d-x é um framework multi-plataforma de desenvolvimento de jogos (e outros apps gráficos ...
Gameplay: Touch Controls and 2-in-1 Awareness for Your Favorite Games
08-jan-2014 | 12:47 PM PST | 0
Download article [PDF 632KB] GestureWorks Gameplay is a revolutionary new way of interacting ...
Game Hero - Um advergame como você nunca viu.
08-jan-2014 | 4:55 AM PST | 0
Texto de Mitikazu Lisboa (CEO - Hive Digital Media). A Hive Digital Media é a maior desenvolvedora brasileira de games, e parceira de longa data da Intel no desenvolvimento de diversos projetos, mas mesmo assim ficamos surpresos quando tivémos a demanda de criar um advergame que tivesse talvez a ...
And the Winners are...Intel App Innovation Contest 2013
07-jan-2014 | 5:17 PM PST | 0
The Intel App Innovation Contest has officially wrapped up producing some great new apps, and of course developers winning prizes! The culmination of hundreds of developers competing from our four regional contest sites in Russia (Habrahabr), China (CSDN), India (ThinkDigit) and the US (Code ...
Using the Intel® Power Gadget 3.0 API on Windows*
07-jan-2014 | 2:30 PM PST | 0
Authors:  Seung-Woo Kim, Joseph Jin-Sung Lee, Vardhan Dugar, Jun De Vega 1.Introduction 1.1 About Intel® Power Gadget for Windows Intel® Power Gadget for Windows is an application which presents real-time data about a 2nd ...
Five ways to level up your Android game
07-jan-2014 | 10:00 AM PST | 0
Android developers who want to have their apps discovered more effectively in Google Play will be glad to know that the curation team behind the popular app store have basically the same goals in mind. A recent ...
Game Hero - Um advergame como você nunca viu.
06-jan-2014 | 1:20 PM PST | 0
Texto de Mitikazu Lisboa, CEO - Hive Digital Media. A Hive Digital Media é a maior desenvolvedora brasileira de games, e parceira de longa data da Intel no desenvolvimento de diversos projetos, mas mesmo assim ficamos surpresos quando tivémos a demanda de criar um advergame que tivesse talvez a ...
The symbiotic relationship of social media and apps
03-jan-2014 | 8:42 AM PST | 0
Symbiosis is a term used in biology to describe a relationship that is (usually) mutually beneficial to one another. The two parties in the relationship depend on each other’s unique gifts in order to survive and flourish; this is seen in the partnership between clownfish and sea anemone: “In a ...
What Will Win in 2014: Mobile, Wearables, and Developers
31-dez-2013 | 2:03 PM PST | 0
It’s that time of year when various pundits sharpen their pens and make predictions on what they think will be trending for the coming 365 days. Predictions are usually based on what happened the previous year, especially when it comes to technology, and this year’s predictions definitely follow ...
Opinion: Matt's Top 10 Tech & Gaming Predictions for 2014
31-dez-2013 | 11:03 AM PST | 2
Out with 2013 and in with 2014!!! So here are my top ten (10) predictions for technology and gaming related things in the coming new year.  I can hardly wait! 1) PC "Next"?  It's your SmartPhone!  Expect the specs and performance of these little buggers to make some very interesting baby steps, ...
Mobile Development in 2013: A Look Back
27-dez-2013 | 10:25 AM PST | 0
2013 was a good year for mobile app developers. Revenues from app development in major app stores reached historical levels, with Android apps doing especially well in Asian markets.  Shopping apps were wildly successful with consumers, especially during the ramp-up to the holiday shopping season ...
The Top Android Apps of 2013
24-dez-2013 | 12:41 PM PST | 0
The top Android apps of 2013 have been put together by Google Play users, with more than one million votes cast in the first annual Players’ Choice: Top Google Play Apps and Games ...


Ultrabooks e padrões de software

Como Parceiro de Software, você e sua empresa recebem os recursos necessários para desenvolver, otimizar e comercializar seus aplicativos para Ultrabook com mais rapidez, de forma mais barata e com mais competitividade. 

Torne-se um parceiro de software

Nós oferecemos a empresas e a profissionais de software recursos para desenvolver e comercializar com eficiência aplicativos otimizados para as tecnologias Intel® Ultrabook. 

Publique o seu aplicativo

Ganhe visibilidade para os seus aplicativos Ultrabook e para sua empresa perante os seus clientes, os especialistas da Intel, seus colegas e os desenvolvedores no mercado e nas comunidades de desenvolvedores para Ultrabook.

Otimize o seu aplicativo

A criação de software otimizado exige as ferramentas, as técnicas e o suporte certos. Os membros têm acesso a todos os recursos necessários para otimização.

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Filie-se à Comunidade de negócios de software Intel

A Rede de Negócios de Software é uma comunidade online que visa apoiar as necessidades de desenvolvimento de negócios e de comercialização de fornecedores independentes de software do Programa de parceria de software Intel®, e de desenvolvedores autônomos que escrevem aplicativos para plataformas Intel.

Obtenha dicas de negócios e de marketing com os especialistas, e faça contato com outros Parceiros Intel para desenvolver novas oportunidades de negócios. Você pode também obter novos recursos de marketing e de negócios, participando de blogs e fóruns.

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Usar as mais recentes tecnologias Intel

Seu software tem o potencial de exceder as expectativas do usuário! De jogos 3-D intensos até o gerenciamento remoto de BIOS, aproveite todo o poder da plataforma, otimizando aplicativos com as tecnologias Intel mais recentes. Você pode fornecer o mais alto desempenho aos seus clientes, criar aplicativos de baixo consumo de energia ou levar o seu software para o próximo nível de qualidade, incorporando capacidades de gerenciamento de detecção, reparo e proteção remotos.

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Bem-vindo à página de Comunidade e Suporte

Nós acreditamos em comunidades vibrantes e ativas de desenvolvedores. Nós incentivamos você a participar, oferecendo suas próprias opiniões e pontos de vista e fazendo perguntas instigantes. Este diálogo ajuda o nosso programa e aumenta o conhecimento coletivo da comunidade. Você pode ganhar uma boa reputação e até mesmo adquirir o status de Black Belt.

Mais recentes posts

Users Create and Share Custom Screen Shots with the Snap 7 App by Ashampoo for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1
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Touch Response Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization for Windows* Applications
By thomas-pantels (Intel)Posted 04/10/20140
By Tom Pantels, Sheng Guo, Rajshree Chabukswar Download as PDF Introduction User experience (UX) is a game-changer for products today. While other features are important in the functionality of a device, none can overcome a perceived or actual lack of response and ease of use through touch. Si...
Debugging Intel® Xeon Phi™ Applications on Windows* Host
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New Dieta e Saúde App Provides Weight Loss Tools on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1
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Numerous diet and weight loss tips are provided in the most popular online weight loss program of Brazil Dieta e Saúde, the most popular online weight loss program in Brazil, is now available for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1. Translated as “Diet and Health” in English, Dieta e Saúde by ...


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Palestras da Intel no TDC SP
By FELIPE PEDROSO (Intel)Posted 08/06/20130
Seguem abaixo os slides das apresentações que a Intel promoveu durante o TDC SP: Trilha: HTML5 e JavaScript (10/07) Desenvolvendo Apps Multiplataforma para dispositivos móveis com HTML5  Palestrante: Jomar Silva Trilha: Marketing Digital (11/07) Afinal, o que é um Community Manager?  Palestrant...
Ideias selecionadas para a primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge - Parte 3 (21-30)
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Depois de muitas ideias boas submetidas e de muito trabalho para julgar todas (afinal foram 103 propostas), segue abaixo a terceira parte da lista de ideias que foram selecionadas. Meus parabéns aos participantes. Participante: Top Hint Solutions – Consultoria em Tecnologia e Finanças LTDA Nome ...
Ideias selecionadas para a primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge - Parte 2 (11-20)
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Ideias selecionadas para a primeira fase do Perceptual Challenge - Parte 1 (1-10)
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Depois de muitas ideias boas submetidas e de muito trabalho para julgar todas (afinal foram 103 propostas), segue abaixo a primeira parte da lista de ideias que foram selecionadas. Meus parabéns aos participantes. Participante: Karl Phillip Purnhagen Ehlers Peixoto Dittrich Buhr Nome da ideia: V...


Assine o Blogs do Intel® Developer Zone
How to get Quaternion array data used Windows Sensor API (desktop)
By JackRose1
Hi I refer to the "Sample Application: Sensor Explorer" that Submitted by Dale Taylor (Intel) on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 14:53 and try to get Quaternion array data but failed at get sensor value, here is my code, please help to advise! // get by type -- OK hr = pSensorManager->GetSensorsByType(SENSOR_TYPE_AGGREGATED_DEVICE_ORIENTATION, &pSensorColl); // get value by SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_QUATERNION -- failed hr = pReport->GetSensorValue(SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_QUATERNION, &pvQuaternion); if(SUCCEEDED(hr)) { if (pvQuaternion.vt == VT_UI1|VT_VECTOR) { } } I can check the Quaternion data form Sensor Diagnostic Tool and make sure the data field is "SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_QUATERNION".
WIDI Resources
By A.Hindam1
I am looking for resources (such as SDK) for use WIDI within application: Windows 8, Android, HTML5
Windows Activation
By Oscar David V.6
Hi guys, I'm a newbie dev and recently received an Ultrabook with W8 preinstalled but not activated. It says that I can get an activation key from Microsoft MSDN program but I've been searching for 2 days and I still dont know how to registrate and get an activation key (for free). Little help would be nice ^^.
Intel AIC2013: Support for ideacentre AIO
By Sahil Kariyania.5
Where should we report problems related to ideacentre AIO device, if device received with faulty hardware?  
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10
By souradeep-ghosh5
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 does not support attaching a file of any type with yahoo and gmail email accounts. When writing a mail and attaching a corresponding file with it, it starts uploading the file and this process continues for more than an hour. Even it takes 4 to 5 hours and ultimately fails. Whereas the same file when uploaded with windows 7 Internet Explorer 9 it gets uploaded after a first time failure in a reasonable amount of time. Again another problem is that, when the same file is downloaded using Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 it takes long time to scan the attachment. This process continues and ultimately fails. Can anyone suggest a solution for using those fatures of  Internet Explorer 10 ? I donot want to use other browsers as because IE is inbuilt in it.
windows sdk for windows 8
By souradeep-ghosh9
I have windows 8 installed on my core i3 pc. I have searched well in  site and noted that the windows sdk for windows 8 iso is not available for download just like windows 7. It simply downloads an online installer setup file which goes to the internet and then again downloads some other files on the c drive. No how the iso file is available for download. Then I need to go that location and double click the sdksetup.exe file in C:\Users\admin\Downloads\Windows Kits\8.0\StandaloneSDK location to launch the installation. Can any one help me in getting the iso files?


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