Why Intel® XDK NEW? (Updated!)

We've been busy incorporating your feedback.

I am pleased to announce the next phase in the release of Intel® XDK NEW, our new cross-platform development environment for HTML5. We now have versions for OS X* and Ubuntu* Linux* hosts available, in addition to a long-awaited update to the Windows*-hosted version we released in September - here's the link to Intel XDK NEW. Thank you for all of the feedback (and bugs!) - we greatly appreciate the continued support and feedback. For more background on why we created Intel XDK NEW, see the "Why Intel® XDK NEW?" blog post from early September.

So, here's what's new in this Intel XDK NEW update:

  • Support for the Topcoat* app framework from topcoat.io in App Designer. This gives you even more choice in designing great UIs for your apps.
  • Added App Starter, our fast-prototyping UI Builder for App Framework into Intel XDK NEW. App Starter is also still available from the cloud on the App Framework site.
  • Cleaned up the "Develop" tab of XDK NEW for better context-sensitivity so that App Designer or App Starter is visible only when you are working on a file or project built with one of these tools. The Brackets* editor, though, is always available.
  • App Preview, the on-device testing/previewing app, is now available from Google Play* for Android*. As of this writing, the App Preview for iOS is still under review by the Apple* App Store, and will hopefully be downloadable this week. App Preview is a replacement to the original appMobi* appLab, offering app testing over local-wifi in addition to internet. You will see an update to appLab asking you to download and replace it with App Preview as soon as it is available in all stores. An App Preview for Windows* 8 Phone and Windows* 8 Store is expected this week as well.
  • Improved the support in the Build Service for Chrome* OS packaged apps. Build plain HTML5 or Chrome OS API-enabled apps in the Build Service.
  • Support for hosting on Windows* 8 (including 8.1), OS X* (Lion and Moutain Lion), and Ubuntu* (12.0*, 13.0*). We will continue testing on newer versions of these OSes as they are available (OS X* Mavericks, for example) and will make updates as needed. We chose Ubuntu as the Linux* platform on which to test due to it seemingly to be more popular for desktops and laptops than other Linux distributions. But, feel free to try the XDK on other distributions and let us know if you run into issues through the user forum.
  • The update mechanism is now enabled in Intel XDK NEW. For Windows* users of the earlier release of the Intel XDK NEW, you should see the "update icon" (a box) next to the "Help" icon. Clicking on that will kick off the download (a flashing green arrow), and when complete, the icon will change to an open box with an arrow - click it to begin the uninstall/reinstall.
  • We've begun migrating all of our content from the html5dev-software.intel.com site to our main HTML5 site: software.intel.com/html5/tools.
  • And, of course, we've fixed a lot of bugs.

What's next for Intel XDK NEW? At this point, we consider it "released" - not a "preview" anymore - particularly on Windows* hosts. This is our first release of Intel XDK NEW on OS X* and Ubuntu*, though. We intend to keep listening to your bugs and feedback and make updates as soon as we can. We would like to discontinue the original Intel XDK by the end of 2013, but will base that decision on your feedback and how successful you are in migrating to Intel XDK NEW. Until then, the original Intel XDK is still available.

BTW - several of the Intel XDK Team will be at the HTML5 Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. Please stop by and tell us how we're doing!

Joe Wolf

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