Crosswalk* provides an efficient HTML5 application runtime for Android* devices. It is based on a variety of open source projects.

Crosswalk Overview  

Crosswalk* is an HTML5 application runtime based on a variety of open source projects. The Crosswalk web runtime APIs in the Intel® XDK distribution of the Crosswalk runtime include many cutting-edge APIs under consideration for standardization by the W3C*, as well as the popular Apache Cordova* device APIs and the Intel XDK APIs. This topic summarizes some of the important APIs supported by the Crosswalk runtime on the Android* OS.

Why Use Crosswalk?  

The Intel XDK provides two options for building Cordova* WebView apps for the Android* OS that you can submit to the Google Play Store*: Crosswalk for Android and Android. This topic describes the differences between these two Android build options and when it is best to use the Crosswalk for Android build option.

Using the Crosswalk for Android Build Option  

With the Crosswalk* runtime you can create, preview, debug, profile, and package Crosswalk applications all from within the Intel XDK without installing any additional software. This topic helps you use the Intel XDK to get started with the Crosswalk runtime.

Choosing Crosswalk* Build Options: Shared or Embedded  

The Crosswalk for Android build system provided by the Intel XDK offers two basic build options: embedded or shared. These two options each have pros and cons, so read the complete article to help you choose the build option that is best for your Android* app requirements.

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