The Intel® XDK provides a cross-platform development environment for Apache* Cordova* mobile apps and IoT (Internet of Things) embedded apps.

NOTE: As previously announced and noted in the release notes, future editions of the Intel XDK will focus on the development of IoT (Internet of Things) apps and IoT mobile companion apps. Since we introduced the Intel XDK IoT Edition in September of 2014, the need for accessible IoT app development tools has increased dramatically. At the same time, HTML5 mobile app development tools have matured significantly in their respective spaces. Given the maturity of free open-source HTML5 mobile app development tools, we feel you are best served by using those tools directly.

During this transition to focus on IoT app and IoT mobile companion app development, we'll be updating the Intel XDK documentation to reflect the resulting changes in the Intel XDK development tool. At times, the documentation may be behind the actual state of the product. If you find aspects of the documentation that are incorrect or inconsistent, please to not hesitate to bring them to our attention via the Intel XDK forum.

Introduction to Developing Companion Apps with the Intel XDK  

The Intel XDK can help you develop, build, and debug HTML5 mobile IoT companion apps created within the Apache* Cordova* framework. This article is the best place to start for an introduction and overview to start developing mobile IoT companion apps with the Intel XDK.

Companion App Tabs Overview  

A summary overview of functions and features available under each tab in the Intel® XDK for a mobile IoT companion app project. Tabs represent a set of tools for developing, testing, building, and debugging HTML5 mobile apps.

Quick Help for APIs, Docs, FAQs and Searching the Intel XDK Web Site  

Provides quick access to various API, UI framework, and developer tools documentation, as well to as Intel XDK support forums, FAQs, templates and samples. Learn how to search for articles and tips on the Intel XDK web site.

Getting Started Tutorial   

A short tutorial with a demo app that provides a walkthrough for a typical end-to-end workflow. What you learn here can ultimately help you design and customize your own processes for developing applications.

Webinars and Videos   

Provides links to recent webinars where key features of the Intel XDK are discussed. Demonstrates Cordova plugins, debugging Cordova plugins, AJAX requests, web services, the App Designer* layout editor, and various other features. Also provides links to several popular Intel XDK videos.

Release Notes - Intel XDK  

For each release, release notes provide an up-to-date summary of new features, issues addressed, and known issues.

Typical Next Step:   Projects  

Use the Intel XDK Projects tab to choose the active project, to create and manage projects, to import app files as a project, and to check Cordova plug-ins or other app settings.

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