This topic provides quick help for developing Intel XDK mobile IoT companion apps. Pointers to documentation, device APIs, FAQs and tips on how to search for articles in the Intel XDK web site pages.

On July 10, 2017, the Intel XDK cloud-based build servers were retired. You can no longer build a Cordova mobile app directly using the Intel XDK, with any version of the Intel XDK. You can, however, build your mobile app using either PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI. See Export to PhoneGap* Build and Cordova* CLI for instructions on how to build your mobile app using these external tools.

Here are some links to useful articles that are not part of this documentation book but pertain directly to using the Intel XDK.

More details about using the Intel XDK are available by watching the following videos. The order presented is recommended, but not required:

Intel XDK Support, FAQs, Templates, Samples, and Resources

The Intel XDK provides resources for you to:

To learn more about Intel XDK templates and samples:

  • When you create a new project, view available templates and samples in the Intel XDK Projects tab. 
  • Browse templates and samples on
  • For IoT projects, view a description of Node.js templates in the Projects tab.

The following links provide quick access to additional device API and UI framework documentation. These references describe useful (but optional) APIs that you can add to the Cordova mobile apps you create with the Intel XDK.

Searching the Intel XDK Web Site

To locate other content (blogs, articles, videos) about the Intel XDK, use the following site search examples in the search bar of your favorite search engine to help narrow your results to the Intel XDK product web pages only. For example, the first example finds pages that mention the word build; the second example searches for tutorials; etc.

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