Dialog Box Purpose and Usage | Dialog Box Purpose and Usage | Dialog Box Purpose and Usage

Options Dialog Box Purpose and Usage

The Options dialog box consists of the following tabs:

  • Editor tab (Linux* OS only) - Specify the editor in which the Intel Advisor displays source files when you double-click a line in an Intel Advisor source region.

  • General tab - Configure default behavior, enable/disable warning messages, and set modeling assumptions, result locations, and assembly code style.

  • Result Location tab - Specify the storage directory for future Intel Advisor result files.

  • Assembly tab - Specify the way the Intel Advisor displays application assembly code.

Options Dialog Box Access

To access this dialog box:

  • From the Intel Advisor GUI, choose File > Options...

  • From the Visual Studio* menu (Windows* OS only), choose Tools > Options. In the Options dialog box, expand the Intel Advisor program folder.

Options Dialog Box Controls

Tab Selector - Select among the Options tabs:

Tab Options - Specify the properties and fields you need to run analyses.

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