Inspiring Android* Developers at AnDevCon with Intel® Technologies

Intel® Software helped illuminate the skyline of Boston with a premier sponsorship of AnDevCon – The Android Developers Conference. Offering mobile app development training, tutorials, classes and exhibits, AnDevCon lays claim to the biggest, most info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world. The event was held on May 27-30 at the Boston Sheraton.

A team of experts, representing the Intel® Developer Zone for Android, inspired developers with demos of Intel® Tools for Android, a keynote, technical presentations, hands-on workshops and showcase apps. Attendees visiting the Intel Developer Zone booth learned how to create, optimize and deploy winning Android apps.


Jeff McVeigh, Director in the Intel® Developer Products Division, captured the imagination of nearly 350 developers during his keynote presentation.  In his keynote, he described Intel’s efforts to raise the bar for native development with consistent compilers, debuggers, analyzers and libraries that allow for efficient code reuse and app tuning bringing new experiences to market faster.

Technical Sessions

Intel Developer Evangelist, Gayathri Murali, delivered an in-depth technical session covering the tools that Intel offers Android native and HTML5 developers. The tools help developers effectively develop, test, and package their apps to target multiple platforms. Murali also delivered a quick-hitting lightening talk to 250 attendees describing how to recompile Android apps to target Android x86 architecture platforms.


Hundreds of AnDevCon attendees visited the Intel Developer Zone booth to learn about x86-Android tools, including Intel® INDE and Intel® XDK. They got hands-on experience with Intel-based devices at the Device Showcase. Many developers brought their APK and development systems to the Geek Counter. Intel technical experts helped them test their apps, recompile for x86, and setup their development system with Intel tools for Android. And for a complete overview of Intel support for Android, booth visitors learned about the great knowledge, tools and community that the Intel Developer Zone for Android offers. And of course smiles were seen everywhere as attendees got their picture taken with Andy the Android.


Prizes, Raffles and Selfies

All Intel Developer Zone booth visitors and keynote attendees were treated to a host of nice prizes. Additionally, on each day of the exhibit, two lucky winners of the Passport Program were awarded a Dell Venue 8 Tablet. Finally, the "Intel® Selfie App for Android" was introduced at AnDevCon. After installing the app, attendees snapped a Selfie photo and tagged it with their choice of Android character. One Selfie winner was awarded a Dell Venue 8 Tablet on each day of the exhibit after posting to their Twitter account using the #IntelAndroid hashtag.

Passport and Selfie App Winners


Intel® Selfie App Winners


Check the Intel Android Developers Events page to get a full list of events in your area. We hope to see you at AnDevCon in San Francisco on November 18-21!

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