45nm Next Generation Intel® Core™2 Processor Family (Penryn) and Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel® SSE4)

The 45nm Next Generation Intel Core 2 processor family (Penryn) is the next generation of Intel processors based on Intel® 45nm transistor technology, a new transistor breakthrough that allows for processors with nearly twice the transistor density and drastically reduced electrical leakage. Penryn includes new instructions (Intel SSE4) and microarchitecture enhancements that will deliver superior performance and energy-efficiency while maintaining compatibility to already existing applications.

For developers, this means improved performance and energy-efficiency for existing software, and the opportunity to further optimize software to take full advantage of Intel SSE4 and the microarchitecture enhancements available in Penryn.

Check out the articles and links below to learn more about Penryn and Intel SSE4, and how they will help you create applications with superior performance and energy-efficiency.

45nm Next Generation Intel® Core™2 Processor Family and Intel® SSE4 FAQ: Answers frequently asked questions from software developers on Penryn and Intel SSE4

Intel® SSE4 Programming Reference: Reference documentation describing all of the Intel® SSE4 instructions (pdf) (v1.003)

Motion Estimation with Intel® SSE4: This whitepaper describes how motion estimation algorithms can be optimized using Intel SSE4 instructions

Increasing Memory Throughput with Intel® SSE4 Streaming Load: This whitepaper describes the Intel SSE4 Streaming Load instruction and how it can be utilized in applications to improve memory I/O throughput.

SDK for 45nm Next Generation Intel® Core™2 Processor Family and Intel® SSE4 (Penryn SDK): A collection of documentation and tools for developing software for Penryn and Intel SSE4. The Penryn SDK includes presentations and whitepapers on Penryn and Intel SSE4, and an Intel SSE4 emulator that allows you to start developing applications with Intel SSE4 today!


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