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8:41 AM PDT
Intel(r) CCF 3.0.13 Release
- Shamit Patel (Intel)Опубликовано: 03/25/20150
March 20th, 2015 Intel® CCF 3.0.13 This release of Intel® Common Connectivity Framework SDK version 3.0 provides support for developing applications on Intel® CCF Version 3.0, and it includes the framework, tools, documentation and sample applications for creating applications on Windows*, An...
12:40 AM PST
Intel Webinar Series - Android con Intel
- Francesca T.Опубликовано: 01/16/20150
  Lo scorso Autunno (ed in particolare il mese di Novembre) è stato un periodo molto intenso e ricco di eventi per gli Intel Software Innovator italiani; infatti si sono tenuti ben 4 webinar sul mondo dello sviluppo di applicazioni per dispositivi Android che montano processori Intel.   I pr...
1:33 AM PST
#1 Developer Community in China Highlights New Intel® RealSense™ SDK, Gold Version
- Pryce L. Mu (Intel)Опубликовано: 12/03/20140
With improved functionality for gesture recognition, 3D face recognition, 3D augmented reality and other capabilities, the new Intel® RealSense SDK Gold Edition based on the Windows* 8 operating system was released in October. To develop a better understanding of these improvements, CSDN, the #1...
10:57 AM PDT
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor code named “Knights Landing” - Application Readiness
- Indraneil Gokhale (Intel)Опубликовано: 09/15/20140
As part of the application readiness efforts for future Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors (code named Knights Landing), developers are interested in improving two key aspects of their workloads: Vectorization/code generation Thread parallelism This article mainly talks a...
2:47 AM PDT
- Vipin Kumar E K (Intel)Опубликовано: 07/30/20140
This is a compilation of all the Knowledge Base articles related to Intel® MKL PARDISO.
11:55 AM PDT
Intel® MKL VML Training Material
- Gennady Fedorov (Intel)Опубликовано: 07/10/20123
This article contains training material (in PDF format) on Intel® MKL Vector Math (VML), which includes details of VML features and performance, examples and its application in Finance.
10:43 PM PDT
Intel® MKL with Numpy, Scipy, Matlab, C#, Python, NAG and more
- Gennady Fedorov (Intel)Опубликовано: 05/07/20121
The following article explains on using Intel® MKL with Numpy/SciPy, Matlab, C#, Java, Python, NAG, Gromacs, Gnu Octave, PETSc, HPL, HPCC, IMSL etc.
2:15 AM PST
Intel Math Kernel Library Cookbook Samples
- JEANETTE F. (Intel)Опубликовано: 12/01/20150
The attached zip format archive contains samples for the Intel Math Kernel Library Cookbook, which you can find at http://software.intel.com/en-us/mkl_cookbook.  Updated: December 1, 2015
4:35 PM PST
Diagnostic 15333: simd loop was not vectorized: exception handling for a call prevents vectorization
- Kittur Ganesh (Intel)Опубликовано: 11/30/20150
Diagnostic 15333: simd loop was not vectorized: exception handling for a call prevents vectorization
3:21 PM PST
Incompatibility between fenv.h implementations in Intel® C++ and Microsoft* Visual C++* Compilers
- Martyn Corden (Intel)Опубликовано: 11/30/20150
Reference Number : DPD200570470, DPD200570483Version : Intel® C++ Compiler Version 16.0 and earlier; Microsoft* Visual C++* Version 2013 and laterOperating System : Windows*Problem Description :  An unexpected segmentation fault  or incorrect results may be seen at run-time when applications that...
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