CritterMap Software LLC Optimizes Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice for Download to Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Tablet users get some cool gameplay with this whimsical game.

Fun for all ages, the game Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice is available for immediate download to Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. The interactive game by CritterMap Software LLC offers fast-paced gameplay for children and adults.

Designed to be entertaining and family-friendly, Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice pairs cute and cuddly snowbirds with everyone's favorite arcade game. The birds slide, dive and fly towards the puck as they compete in Antarctica among the ice and rocks. Players will delight in the realistic gameplay that is based on the actual physics of air hockey.

The Android* tablet's interactive touch features enable players to move their penguins and control the game. The user experience is enhanced with an arcade-style soundtrack, superior graphics like glowing pucks and unique tactile effects. For players who want to challenge their friends, an interactive setting allows them to challenge other players on the same device.

Developers at CritterMap Software LLC recently optimized the game for Intel Atom tablets for Android*. During the optimization process, the Intel® Developer Zone offered technical guidance and troubleshooting.

"When we created Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice, we wanted it to be available for families and players who are on-the-go," says Nathan Mellor of CritterMap Software LLC. "The powerful Intel® Atom™ processors in Android* tablets ensure that our game is fast and responsive, even on these highly portable devices."

Air Hockey Penguin: Penguin Ice is available for immediate download on Google Play.

About CritterMap Software LLC
Critter Map Software LLC is an independent software developer based out of Washington State. Learn more at:

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