Deeper Levels of Security with Intel® Identity Protection Technology - White paper

White Paper: Deeper Levels of Security with Intel® Identity Protection Technology

With the latest release in 2012 of Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) introduced additional capabilities beyond the initial one-time password (OTP) solutions embedded in silicon and provided an extension of secure computing to a broader range of consumer,  enterprise and business applications.

The new Intel IPT capabilities included:

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) to protect access to business data and bolster communications by means of embedded certificates over a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Protected transaction display (PTD) to minimize risks when entering PINs and passcodes
  • Near-field communication (NFC) to facilitate simple and secure sales transactions over the Internet

This technical white paper examines the architecture and technology that is the foundation of Intel Identity Protection Technology and the ways in which solutions built around an embedded security token model help to minimize fraud, protect online accounts and to substantially reduce the risk of identity theft.  Read this detailed technical white paper on Intel Identity Protection Technology to understand how this technology is offering strong, simple and secure protection for individuals, websites and business.  Download the full white paper.

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