Disable NFS free space checks in Intel® Cluster Checker 3

By default, Intel® Cluster Checker 3 performs a disk space check on all mounted filesystems. This may not be the desired behavior for NFS mounted filesystems. Individual messages reported for filesystems can be suppressed, but it is also possible to ignore filesystem types during collection.

To exclude NFS filesystems from disk space analysis, modify the provider XML configuration file. Make certain to back up the original file. If the installation directory is not shared, the XML file will need to be modified on each node.

1. Edit the following file:


2. Modify the command line to exclude NFS. Add the following option to the df command:

	-x nfs

 "--exclude-type=" can be used instead of "-x".

3. When complete, save and close the XML file. The completed file will be:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <command>/bin/df -kP -x nfs | /bin/awk 'NF == 1 {printf($1); next}; {print}'</command>

Other filesystems may be excluded using the same format. To limit the check to local filesystems only, use the "-l" or "--local" switch.

Do not change any other arguments or Intel® Cluster Checker may be unable to interpret the resulting output.

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