Discover a Faster Way to Read and Study on Windows* 8.1 Tablets with Reading Trainer by HeKu IT

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Reading Trainer teaches readers how to read faster, more efficiently and with better recall.

For many people, it can take a good part of a morning to read the newspaper and much more time to finish an entire book. Yet the Reading Trainer app by HeKu IT helps readers become more efficient and quick with their reading so they can breeze through books, articles and more at a faster pace.  

Featured on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1, Reading Trainer is one of the most popular educational apps in Europe. It helps users improve reading speed and retention rate through 12 challenging and entertaining exercises.

Reading Trainer is designed to help with the rapid recognition of numbers, letters and words. It does this by training for flexible eye movements, increased vision span and improved concentration skills.

When developing Reading Trainer, HeKu IT took advantage of its status as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone. The company’s developers accessed   Intel tools, code and support to optimize this learning app for the powerful capabilities of Intel Atom tablets for Windows* 8.1. Plus, HeKu IT also benefited from the insight and support from the developer communities in the Intel Developer Zone.

“Reading Trainer is an educational and fun app that can help improve reading for people of all ages,” said Ronny Hecker, CEO of HeKu IT. “Having the ability to access it from a portable Windows* 8.1 tablet makes it easy and convenient to learn new ways to read.”

The high-resolution screen, touch interface and powerful Intel® Atom™ processors combine to create a powerful platform to learn, read and improve reading efficiency with Reading Trainer. 

“We’ve created an app that works very well with new Windows* 8.1 tablets,” Hecker explained. “We believe people can benefit from the simple yet engaging exercises wherever they may be with their tablet.”

The support from the Intel Developer Zone and capabilities of new Windows* 8.1 tablets has encouraged HeKu IT to create further apps that take advantage of the distinct capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets.

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