Error: A valid Intel® Cluster Checker license was not found: -1


When running cluster-check for the first time, you encounter an error message that looks like the following:

A valid Intel® Cluster Checker license was not found: -1
Please contact Intel or your system vendor for more information.



Before using Intel® Cluster Checker for the first time, you must configure the environment variables that are used to locate the license file.  

If your shell is bash, ksh, or sh:

$ source /opt/intel/clck/1.3/

If your shell is csh or tcsh:

$ source /opt/intel/clck/1.3/clckvars.csh

Intel recommends that you add the appropriate environment script to the file that initializes your shell (e.g., .bashrc for the bash shell, .cshrc for the csh shell.)  In addition to configuring the location of the license file, the environment scripts add cluster-checkto your path and give you access to the man pages.


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