Diagnostic 15042: pragma supersedes previous setting


This diagnostics message comes when the parameters of the directive are contradictory.  

In the example below, the directive !dir$ loop count has two clauses, avg() and max(). Notice the contradiction in these two clauses: the max() parameter is lesser than the avg() clause value:


subroutine f15042( A, n )
implicit none
real :: A(n)
integer :: n, i
!dir$ loop count avg(30), max(10)
do i=1,n
  A(i) = real(i)
end do
end subroutine f15042

$ ifort -c -vec-report6 f15042.f90
f15042.f90(7): (col. 1) remark: pragma supersedes previous setting
f15042.f90(8): (col. 3) remark: vectorization support: reference a has unaligned access
f15042.f90(8): (col. 3) remark: vectorization support: unaligned access used inside loop body
f15042.f90(7): (col. 1) remark: LOOP WAS VECTORIZED


Make sure the max() clause is always greater than avg() clause value.  Notice that the loop does still vectorize, it simply ignores the avg(30) and uses max(10)

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