Diagnostic 15414: Loop was not vectorized: loop body became empty after optimizations

Product Version:Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 and above


The vectorization report generated when using Intel® Fortran Compiler's optimization options (/O2 /Qopt-report:2) states that loop was not vectorized since loop body became empty after optimizations.


An example below will generate the following remark in optimization report:

integer function foo(a, b, n) 
    implicit none
    integer, intent(in) :: n
    real, intent(inout) :: a
    real, intent (in)   :: b
    integer :: i
    do i=1,n
           a = b + 1
    end do
    foo = a
end function 
ifort -c /O2 /Qopt-report:2 /Qopt-report-file:stdout f15414.f90
Report from: Interprocedural optimizations [ipo]
  -Qinline-factor: 100
  -Qinline-min-size: 30
  -Qinline-max-size: 230
  -Qinline-max-total-size: 2000
  -Qinline-max-per-routine: 10000
  -Qinline-max-per-compile: 500000
Begin optimization report for: FOO
    Report from: Interprocedural optimizations [ipo]
INLINE REPORT: (FOO) [1] f15414.f90(1,18)


In the example above, there is only one expression inside the loop. When moved outside the loop as a result of the compiler's optimization process there is nothing else left inside the loop to vectorize. 

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