fYO PhotoFun Home – Plus by Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd.

New Ultrabook™ devices have opened up numerous opportunities for developers to create new and innovative apps. Hayagriva Software has capitalized on these powerful platforms with its fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus app, which offers an exciting new way to enjoy photos on Facebook.

fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus enables users to discover the latest friends’ and pages’ photo albums on Facebook, or a local drive, and use them to create photo collages, photo Web pages, three minds games, dancing slideshows and more.

As an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone, Hayagriva Software gained insight into the unique technologies of Ultrabook devices, which helped its developers optimize the software for the Intel® architecture. “Having Intel’s support during development has been very helpful for us to create the best app for the capabilities of Ultrabook systems,” said Gautam Goradia, CEO of Hayagriva Software.  

Hayagriva developers took full advantage of the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices with fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus. They were able to work closely with Intel developers and engineers during the design process to ensure they created the best code possible. They also found inspiration in the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“We received valuable insight on a consistent basis and the response time was very quick,” revealed Gautam. “The Intel Developer Zone was also very helpful for our developers.”

The speed and performance provided by the powerful Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices allows for a fluid and fast user experience. Users of fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus can create numerous games with Facebook photos – dance, memory game, jigsaw- slide away – all within seconds. 

With the extensive support and the powerful capabilities of Ultrabook systems, Hayagriva Software is looking forward to the next big app for Ultrabook devices. “We’ve been able to create the best apps possible from the support we receive and are looking forward to new ones soon,” stated Gautam.

Hayagriva Software is an India-based software company that focuses on the development of RDAs (Rich Desktop Applications) in the area of PIM (Personal Information Management) for use worldwide. For more information visit: http://www.hayagriva.in/

The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner, join the Intel® Developer Zone.

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