GermiNation: Bradley Wesson


2nd Place Winner: Best Game-on-the-Go

When Bradley Wesson was about 9 years old, his family got their first computer, a 75Mhz Pentium running Windows 95 preloaded with QBasic. He spent a lot of time in QBasic developing my first programs ranging from a virtual keyboard to hang man. After a short while, he found 3D Game Studio and developed a Mario-style game with the help of a tutorial before moving on to try other game types. Brad decided to expand his game programmer knowledge and discovered C++. Since that time he has developed mainly in C++ using first the Win32 API for rendering, then Direct3D, and finally OpenGL. He is currently employed at Holopoint Interactive working on game-related projects whenever possible, while studying Digital Media full time at Flinders University.
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