How to install Intel® System Studio on Windows* OS

Topic: - How to install Intel® System Studio 2014 on Windows* OS

Objective: - This article is focused on explaining step wise as “How to install Intel® System Studio 2014 on Windows* OS”.

Installation: - After downloading Intel® System Studio 2014 – Windows* Host from Intel® registration center (, please go ahead and follow below mentioned steps:-

Step 1:- Double click on the executable file that you have downloaded. Now you should see a “User Account Control” window asking for your permission, Press “yes”.

Step 2:- Now you should see an installer been launched as shown below:-

Step 3:- Now you would see a “Welcome” page describing about the products that would be installed, then click “Next”

Step 4:- Now you should see a Licensing page with 2 options

  1. “I have a serial number and want to activate and install my product”:- You can use this option provided you have a SN with you and have an internet connection on the system on which you are installing.
  2. “Choose alternate activation” :- This option can be used if you want to activate the product using either of these 3 options :-
    1. Remote activation
    2. Using a license file
    3. Using a license manager

Step 5:- Now you would see an “Options” windows which allows you to customize and select the components that you want to install, If you want all the components listed to be installed, then click “Install” and jump to step 6, else click “Customize” and jump to step 5. 

Step 6:- Customizing your installation, in this step you can remove the components that you don’t want to be installed and in fact you can later add the removed components by again “Modifying” the installation.

As shown above you can “right-click” on the components and select “Do not install”, if you do not want to install that component. After customizing the components, you can click “Next”.

Step 7:- Now you can click “Install” and it might take several minutes to install the whole product.

Step 8:- Once the installation completes, You can click on the “Finish” button.

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