Hubbell Games Now Offers Chess Mob for Download to Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Players compete en masse with this new twist to a classic game.

For chess fanatics seeking new challenges, Hubbell Games now offers its Chess Mob game for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This compelling change to the consummate game of strategy allows users to “mob” chess pieces together for new and exciting gameplay.

Every chess player has at one point or another reached a precarious position. At these times, even the most seasoned player may wish to have more of another chess piece. In Chess Mob, these players’ collective wish has been granted. Players can choose a “mob” of pawns, bishops, rooks, knights or queens. What will be the best mob? Only time and skill can tell.

A range of features allows Android* tablet users to customize their Chess Mob gameplay. Players can select opponents by challenging contacts or the game’s computer. They can also select a desired skill level from Beginner to Professional. Graphics look crisp and clear, with the full chess board visible on the tablet’s screen.

To make Chess Mob available to players on-the-go, developers at Hubbell Games optimized it for Intel Atom tablets for Android*. During the optimization process, the developers had access to support and resources provided by the Intel® Developer Zone.

“Chess Mob is a creative spin on a very challenging game,” says Brian Hubbell of Hubbell Games. “We wanted our players to be able to enjoy it anywhere, which is why we optimized it for Intel Atom tablets for Android*. These tablets provide the portability and interactive capabilities that ensure our players have the best gaming experience.”

Chess Mob is available for immediate download on Google Play.

About Hubbell Games

Hubbell Games is a software and game designer based out of Washington State. For more information visit:

About Intel® Developer Zone

The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel® Software Partner, join the Intel Developer Zone.

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