Identify and Address Threading Opportunities Webinar Questions and Answers

During the Identify and Address Threading Opportunities session of our technical web series about Multithreading tools and techniques, we received numerous questions about the Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite.  The following questions were selected from the list of questions and answers generated by the web cast.  We thought they might be useful to other developers as reference.  Note: the web cast is viewable on demand (via the link above), if you missed the original presentation.

Q:You said to run the Release build.  Should the project be modified to include symbols from the Compiler and Linker in the Release version of the testing program?

A: You are absolutely right!  You use the Release build for the Find Hotspots step, and you want debug info, including line numbers, in the Release build so the profiling information can be as specific as possible.  That's how Caroline's nqueens screen with the source view showed processor time attributed to individual lines of code.

You enable debug information in the Release build with the following options:

1. Project > Properties > C/C++ > General > Debug Information Format > Program Database (/Zi)


2. Project > Properties > Linker > Debugging > Generate Debug Info > Yes (/DEBUG) and Generate Program Database File should not be empty (i.e., null)


Q:Will this tool work with an application that uses a pool of traditional threads instead of OpenMP* or Intel® Threading Building Blocks?

A: Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite works on your serial application, ignoring already parallelized code.    You will insert annotations to your serial application to identify the parallel opportunities you want Parallel Advisor Lite to evaluate.   This process enables you to experiment while being able to utilize your existing test system.

Q:A question about the name "Lite", will there be a full blown version (i.e., "Heavy") after the initial release?

A: Yes, Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite is a technology preview of some of the Intel® Parallel Advisor features.

Q:Is there already a list with all annotations available?

A: It is available in the on-line help:
  • From Visual Studio:
    • Help->Intel Parallel Studio->Parallel Studio Help -> Advisor Lite Help
      • Annotation Reference
        • Annotation Summary

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