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Highlights from ISC’12
Europe’s largest HPC event featured many of the world’s leading HPC experts covering a wide range of topics, including the value and growing popularity of the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.
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Tips & Tricks

Best Practices for ECC Memory Monitoring
Keep Your Cluster Up and Running. Don’t wait for uncorrectable memory errors to bring down a node in your cluster. Automate ECC memory monitoring to proactively identify failing memory modules.
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Certify Your Linux Installation-with Ease.
Identify and install all required Linux binary and library requirements using simple RPM packages.
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Partner Highlights

First Green Certification
Keep it Green. Delta Computer Products GmbH saved energy at every level of the solution stack to deliver a powerful, flexible, and green computing environment to the Max Planck Institute.
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Intel® Cluster Ready News

Intel® Cluster Ready Certification for LBNL Warewulf 3.
Soon-to-be-Certified-LBNL Warewulf 3. One of the world’s most popular open-source cluster management solutions will soon be certified as Intel Cluster Ready.
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Intel® Cluster Ready Demo at ISC’12.
Just in Time-at ISC’12. You can perform automated, just-in-time health checks to make sure your workloads run as expected; and you can perform quick, just-in-time cluster installations through Intel Cluster Ready certified designs.
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