Intel® Cluster Ready Newsletter Q2 2011

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Feature Stories

Ready, Set, Go Sandy Bridge!

Sandy Bridge
The next-generation Intel® microarchitecture codenamed Sandy Bridge-EP comes to the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family later this year. HPC Solutions Engineer Christopher Heller shows you what the Intel® Cluster Ready team is doing to help you enjoy a speedy and profitable launch of certified clusters and registered applications that bring your customers the advantages of the new microarchitecture. Read more.

See You at ISC'11
Europe’s in the spotlight as Intel Cluster Ready goes to the International Supercomputing Conference. Learn what’s on tap.

Tips & Tricks

Gergana Slavova, Technical Consulting Engineer for Intel Cluster Studio, explains how the mpitune utility demystifies performance tuning with the Intel® MPI Library. Read the full article.
Using Intel® Cluster Checker for Post-Sales Support
Efficient post-sales support is critical to keeping customers satisfied and productive and your own enterprise profitable. Jeremy Siadal, Senior Technical Consultant with the Intel Cluster Ready program, discusses ways Intel Cluster Checker can help your support team save time and give your customers a better cluster experience. Read the full article.

Partner Highlights

One of Italy's leading HPC innovators has launched a powerful Intel Cluster Ready certified system that's helping the company move beyond academic supercomputing. See what makes it a win for Eurotech-and its customers. Read the story.
Russia, Brazil, the US: Watch the Intel® Cluster Ready Program Grow
The Intel Cluster Ready community continues to expand with the addition of
En Pointe Technologies, Engineering Simulation Scientific Sofware (ESSS), and RSC SKIF. Read more.
NEC Highlights University of Erlangen in New Case Study
Bavaria’s second-largest state university has installed the largest certified Intel Cluster Ready cluster to date. It’s a 500-node NEC cluster that uses the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series and Intel Cluster Ready architecture to provide the university’s researchers with a more powerful and flexible computing environment. Read the full case study.

Intel® Cluster Ready News

and Intel® Cluster Checker
Clustering gets easier and more powerful with the latest releases of Intel Cluster Ready Specification 1.2 and Intel Cluster Checker 1.7 for Linux*. See what new features and improvements you can take advantage of. Read the article.

HPC Advisory Council and Intel® Cluster Ready
Deliver Application Guides

New Application Guides from Intel Cluster Ready and the HPC Advisory Council can help your customers install, run, and benchmark HPC applications on their certified Intel Cluster Ready cluster. Get best practice guidelines from the HPC Advisory Council. Read the article at Cluster Connection to learn what's available.
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